Moving Day Pictures!

Sometimes people reach out and help you in a BIG way. We had so much help this summer–okay–this whole past 13 months–it’s almost embarrassing! Even here–where we arrived knowing ZERO people–we had some help!

Thank you so much, Hillary, for making us this HUGE spread of food, which fed us all weekend. Hillary had never even met us. She is a niece of our friends, Jim and Susie, and she did this just to be helpful. Boy am I thankful we were introduced!!! She delivered it soon after the moving truck pulled away.  It was delicious too. We’d have been happy with frozen lasagna, Hillary, but this was AMAZING. I want your corn bread recipe!!!

Some of us are better at posing for photos than others….At least Nonna looked good.

We were so excited to move OUT of the hotel and INTO our house. This is the balcony. Love it! Caleb was so excited about this balcony. He said, “Mom, can we have special days at school, as rewards for good behavior, like school on the porch days and movie and popcorn days…..that we could earn, you know, for like being good?”

Absolutely, Caleb.

better balcony photo

The house has two big storage closets……..Yes, I’m posting a pic of storage closets. This is the sort of thing I get excited about.

double sink master bath…..first time since our Alabama house!!!

I love how spacious it is upstairs.

It’s not the best pic, but you can see the ocean through the trees. You see it much better on clear days. This is the view from the school room.

This was me the first day–overjoyed!

And our unpacking HERO: Nonna!!

We were too busy actually unpacking to take photos, but Nonna was indispensable last week. We really had a great time working hard, getting lost with my crummy navigation skills, and you don’t want to know how many KFC/Long John Silver’s runs… We couldn’t have done it without you, Nonna! Next time we owe you some sight-seeing!!

Thank you again to all of our incredible helpers!!! It really does take a village, doesn’t it? I hope one day to contribute as much to the village as I feel like we have taken from it! I am often too weighed down by my own worries to remember to help others. I DO want to be a more helpful villager, but this particular season does require me to spend a vast majority of my time and energy tending to the needs of my children. There’s nothing more important I could do, though. If we all take good care of our small ones, they will grow up to be much better big ones, eh?

I have to share one more cute quote with ya’ll. Tonight Daniel was up a little later than usual. I was talking about the ant problem we are battling at our house. There are ants here in abundance!!

Daniel said, “You sad, Mommy? You need a bwankie?”

I told him I was fine, but that was very sweet of him.

Then Daniel looked at me and said, “Me tired. Me am tired.” Then he did that cute little ear-to-ear grin that he does, with his lips closed.

When the 3-year-old admits he’s tired, you know it’s late!

Thanks again, ya’ll!



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