Daniel’s Songs

How cute are they, eating together at the picnic table? JD stole this show, but tonight let’s talk about Dan. Daniel, oh Daniel. The Dan Man


This little booger is so precious. He makes us laugh and smile all day long, and I adore it. I’ve been writing down some things he has said lately, just for the blog:

“Him want to go him house, Mom.  This ours house, Mom?”


Me:  “You just made bread, Daniel!!!”

Dan: very serious:  “You too!”


Alan walked through the kitchen wearing nice clothing.

Dan asked, “Mommy, Daddy going to church?”

I explained that that’s actually what Daddy wears to class. You don’t wear a military uniform to graduate school.


The other day, Daniel was playing Legos with Caleb and Joshua’s creations, on the dining room table. He gets in so much trouble with his brothers for this. Poor thing. However, they weren’t in the room, so he was having a good ol’ time. He held up a little Chima Alligator-Man and said, “Mom, him going to the bafroom. Watch Mom.”

Once he said, “Watch Mom.” I got so tickled, I really couldn’t stop laughing. Oh come on, ya’ll!!  First, he had designated a Lego building as a bathroom–of all things– and second, he felt that I should watch this.  I’m telling you–boys think soooo differently.

Later on, Caleb was back to playing with those same Legos, and Daniel said something about the alligator. I turned to Caleb and said, “Yeah, Daniel played with them,but he played nicely and didn’t break anything.” Then I said, incredulously, “He kept making the alligator go to the bathroom.”

Caleb didn’t skip a beat, “Oh yeah, ‘cuz the bathroom’s right there.”


I mean, of course, where else would it be?



Okay, I just thought this one was so precious: Daniel keeps picking up random books around the house, calling them Bibles and then singing from them. One day he actually had a very small children’s Christmas carol book, illustrated by Norman Rockwell.

I should also mention that he sings more on key than I do. This little boy CAN SING. I know. I know. I’m his mother, but I’ve never posted that about my other children, have I? Trust me. At the very least, Daniel will one day be doing special music at church.

His songs of choice:

“Oh, Lord,God! Sit in the bed, Oh Lord, God! Sit in the bed.”

…..and at the time, I had to keep a STRAIGHT FACE so the boy wouldn’t quit this new found delightful little hobby.

He moved on:

“Oh, Lord, God!!  Oh, Lord, God.  It’s Christmas. Oh, Lord, God. It’s Christmas!!  O, Lord!!!”

“Oh, Lord, God, Oh Loooooooooooord. Oh, Lord, God.”



“Dan, what’s your favorite thing we’ve done at school?”

“When I made the alligator. This is big alligator. Him live underwater. Alligators eat trash.”

“I think they eat fish.”

“Yep. Those eat fish.”

…..In case you’re wondering, Joshua’s favorite thing is “lunch and recess and a little bit of grammar.”  Caleb’s favorite is “when we get to eat at recess and then I play when I’m done with it and math.”


I wish I could just follow this little fellow around all day and write down everything he says because it’s all so stinkin’ adorable. The improper use of we/yours/us/ours makes him even more irresistible.

Do you know where he sleeps every night? He has the biggest bedroom in the house, and he sleeps in his doorway in the floor. Every night he drags his pillow and his blanket to the doorway so he can see us. Isn’t that sweet/pitiful?

He calls Joshua “Josh” now, and he just adores it when they include him in things.  Tonight all the boys had homework. Yes, I assign homework OCCASIONALLY. Anyway, Daniel wanted homework too, so I gave him a little worksheet on the letter A for him to trace the Aa and trace his name. Of course, he did a great job.


one of my favorite old photos, of Daniel hugging me and JD

I love each one of these boys of mine so incredibly much. Looking at Daniel reminds me how much I need to get those Xanga posts all downloaded before they are gone forever. That’s where all my Joshua and Caleb toddler memories are. You can just never get those chubby, little dimpled hands back, you know? You have to enjoy every sweet little moment, and in 20 years I can have all the clean carpets I want. For now, I’d rather have this.

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