The Gulpers

So apparently, Joshua borrowed my computer and published this photo and title, so to all of my email subscribers: I am so sorry.  :/

Here’s the actual post….

Joshua is the world’s greatest researcher. I’m completely serious. Don’t get too excited, though. He spends all of his precious research skills on…..Skylanders.  The amount of information in his brain about this series of video games probably occupies 90% of the space in his brain.

When we were kids we played video games like this:

Us:  Mom, can we play Nintendo?????

Mom: Okay.

Us:  Yes!!!!  And we’d play until we got mad, bored, or restless.

Then next time we’d have to start back over at level 1, so it was rare to ever win a game.


Kids: Mom, can we play Wii???

Me: Okay.

Them:  Yes!!!

They play for a few minutes.

Joshua:  *running upstairs*  You keep working on it. I’m going to go find out how to get past this level!  Mom!!!  Can I borrow your computer??

Me: Okay.

Joshua:  YES!!!

He spends 2 minutes on the internet, obtains the info required and runs down to tell Caleb. Then they “team work” kick the villain’s rears. Then Joshua runs outside to jump on the trampoline. Caleb starts as another character,  until I eventually make him quit playing.

Therefore, they beat every new video game within 2 weeks of purchasing it. Every. single. time.

They are only allowed to play a little bit per day. Don’t worry about that.

These two are the dream team, Joshua, the researcher, and Caleb the tireless gamer. That boy never gets frustrated. He just keeps going until you make him quit!!

The whole research thing has been going on since Joshua was younger than Daniel. Do you remember? First, it was whales. He knew more about whales than almost any adult by the time he was 3 1/2. He could tell you the differences between belugas, narwhals, orcas, and humpbacks even before he began using forks properly.

After whales, it was just animals, or as he used to say, ‘angimals’, in general. He used to watch polar bear documentaries every day. Every day. We still have them. I highly recommend Arctic Tale. I put it in a couple weeks ago, and we were all still mesmerized. That love is still there, it comes out every once in a while, but he doesn’t research it anymore.

When Joshua was still 3, he used to pretend to be a polar bear pushing on the ice to get to the seal underneath all the time. It was so cool. He carried about 4 animal beanie babies around with him everywhere he went, and Diego was his personal hero.

Then we moved to DC. He met other kids, and by the time he turned 4 LIFE was all about Batman. When he turned 5, a friend of his even gave him the cartoon of it. So now we know all of this useless Batman trivia….That love is still there a little too. It comes out in his drawings sometimes, and his Bat cape is still one of his treasured possessions.

After Batman, we did K4 home-school, and he returned to his love of animals. This time he was primarily obsessed with badgers, raccoons, and opossums. We would go to the library for pre-school hour, and Joshua would say, “Mom, I only want books about badgers. Badgers, Mom. No, we read that one last week. Aren’t there any new ones?”

So we read every book that small town library had about badgers, raccoons, opossums, or fenec foxes (It’s a desert fox with large ears). Nonna was teaching science at the time, and she brought him books called things like “Strange Animals of Australia” and “Extraordinary Mammals” and “Marsupials.”  I feel like I could pass a zoology exam, all thanks to the year I pre-schooled Joshua.


Joshua and his animals


Joshua’s 5th birthday cake was all about Batman. (I was pregnant with Daniel!)

Once we returned to Virginia, and entered regular school, the rage was suddenly all about Ninjago and other Lego things. Alan would call from Afghanistan, and Joshua would tell him, in detail, about every single Lego set he’d read about in advertisements. Poor Alan.  😉

First grade brought us Mario and Luigi. SECOND grade brought us Skylanders, and here we are, one year later, and still stuck in this same obsession. When will it end???? It’s like the Skylander people know about us because they keep releasing new video games on Joshua’s birthday.

This year it’s “Trap Team”.  Yesterday, Joshua found a website that had a song for each individual villain on Trap Team, and he and Caleb have been jammin’ out. Sheep Creep has this bluegrass-y theme song, and Joshua was like, “I don’t like this one. It’s weird.” I laughed because it’s all banjo, and I told him his Granddaddy would love that one.

So they formed a band. Joshua and JD played drums, Caleb made a football, two pencils, and a ruler into a guitar…..which broke pretty quickly…..and Daniel SLEPT though it all. Amazing.

Isn’t he cute? I know. The number of rugs is ludicrous. We are trying to save the carpet from these renters who have a whole lot of little boys…..yeah, that’d be us.

So the boys have been very seriously discussing the name of their band. I’m not allowed to tell you what Joshua wants to name it b/c he’s a little bit blog shy, but Caleb wanted to call it the Gulpers, only his brother wouldn’t let him.

Hope you all have a great weekend!  We’ll be rockin’ out to the tunes of Skylanders…

  • This sounds exactly like my Caden. I’ve had to enforce a “if you want to give me any more skylanders information, you have to tell me something else first” rule. He wouldn’t talk to me about anything but skylanders! It’s getting better though. 🙂

  • Nevada

    Oh can I relate! Nick can’t focus on anything half the time but he is a walking encyclopedia of Star Wars. First it was Thomas and trains in general. Then Mario and Luigi. Now we have graduated to Star Wars. I have to interrupt him 6 times in the evening to tell him to put on his pajamas. But darn if he can’t tell me every last fact about obi wan kenobe, Yoda, Darth Vader, etc. He can focus when he wants to. If only there were a Jedi Academy I could enroll him in!

    • I’ve heard that the same kids that don’t pay attention to what doesn’t interest them have equally INSANE focus for what DOES interest them. But also Joshua and Nick are just pure genius. That’s all there is to it!! 🙂

  • McMom

    Love Caleb’s guitar – very creative. And please tell Joshua I agree with him…bluegrass is SO weird. I enjoyed the trip down memory lane with Joshua’s interests. I’m sure one day it will blossom into something amazing!

    • Caleb says thank you. After that one broke, Joshua made him one out of the old realty business yardstick, a box lid, and was it rubber bands? But my tablet (that they listen to music on) was dead today, and goodness knows none of them bothered to charge it, so my ears were drum free today….ah. 🙂

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