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Today I feel the need to give credit where credit is due.

I need to thank a few people who helped me out by nominating me and linking to my page.  I’m also going to give you all a whole bunch of new blogs to check out. These are all April vetted and approved.

I’ve procrastinated long enough.

First, here are the fantastic bloggers who have sent me awards in the last few months…No, I don’t get awards all the time, this is over months:

1. so long ago that I’m embarrassed to admit it.  Thank you!!! She writes a great blog about recovering from addiction and how God has transformed a broken life into one of great triumph.  I am in awe of her story.

2. April at  Another red-headed April!!  Watch out world!!! She’s a hard-workin’ momma with a very honest blog. I hope you’ll check it out.

and also by

3. one of my readers and fellow bloggers that you may have noticed in the comments section “The Old fellow goes running.”  ha! I know! It’s really such a great blogger name!! He just completed a marathon, with a very inspirational story to tell. Check out his blog here:

and also by

4. She is a Christian, home schooling mom, so you might say we have a thing or two in common! This is a good one that I’ve gotten a few school ideas from.

and also by

5. Angie K at   Tall….Well, everyone in my husband’s family can relate….except you, Nonna…

6. And finally, by JcCee at She is on a roll with healthy lifestyle articles that we should all be reading!

These are all great blogs. In fact, I think I found all of their blogs before they found mine!  Thanks ya’ll!!!


It’s high time I passed these awards onto some of my favorite bloggers. I’m only listing regularly updated blogs that I KNOW you will love, if you like this one.

I want to put them in alphabetical order b/c I love them all so much that I want them all to know they are #1, not #10. But I’m sleepy, so they are not in the order they popped into my head…They are all kindred spirits. These are the blogs I stalk for new posts!  Hmmmm…Let me check if Julia has something new. NO?  Drat.  Let me check Jen…and so on…  🙂  Always good reads!

My favorite 8 blogs–There are a lot of other great ones that I also read, but these are the ones I relate the most to right now:

1. Julia at  You know her as “godmadeknown.”  Love her! I can relate to every word she writes. Also, she has 5 little boys that she home schools.

2. She is pregnant with her fifth baby right now, and she is also a home schooling mom. I have gotten so many great ideas from her blog, and she’s so sweet too. She’s also really good at her blog decorating.

3. Jennifer at #1 person I have learned about the business side of blogging from. Yes, my blog is beginning to branch into business territory. Jen is also a mom of four. Funny. Birds of a feather.

4. Sylcell at Tales from the Mommy Trenches.  I found this blog on Facebook, when one of her posts went viral. More recently, she called me a kindred spirit, and I knew we’d get along. (In case you are new here, I’m an Anne of Green Gables fanatic.)

5. Keri at SUCH a sweet and thought-provoking new mom!

6. Marla at “Encouragement dot com” or “inspiration from God” are other things she could have named it. Love this blog.

7. Sasha at Sasha is also a super sweet mom, and her posts never fail to touch your heart.

8. Jennifer at This one super reminds me of myself: 4 young children. Ambitious. Funny. She is funny without even trying.

Okay. I just realized those are ALL “mom” blogs. Hey! There was the one fellow who goes running!

So that’s the other thing I want to address:  the Top Mommy Blogs thing. No, I’m not doing away with it. It brings me lots of traffic, so it stays. Traffic is good because eventually traffic will help save for retirement.  Thank you so much to all of you who click on that icon for me. Thank you!!!!!!

Now, let’s talk about one more thing: contest nominations. Remember when VoiceBoks nominated me for Top Military Life Blog? I landed at 4th, which I was pleased as punch over. (Thank you again!)

I got another email from them. They compiled a list from all of their many different lists, things such as “Top Dad Blogger”, “Top Mommy Blogger,” “Top Homeschool Blog…”  anyway. They took all the #1s. Then they hand picked a few of the not-number-ones (i.e. me) and they are starting a new contest “Most Influential Blog” or something like that. They nominated me for it, but I was about 12 hours late turning in my acceptance….hope I’m still in….The winner gets $1000.00.  I don’t expect to be anywhere near winning since I wasn’t even one of the number ones, but hey, it felt good to be nominated. Right?

I hope you’ll check out a few of the blogs I nominated above. I promise they won’t disappoint.

Batman, Me, dalmation puppy, Stink Bomb the Skylander, and Washbuckler the Skylander


another dalmation puppy and a pumpkin 2007

Lightning McQueen and a dinosaur 2009


  • queenmommyjen

    You’re the sweetest! Hope your kiddos had a fun Halloween and it wasn’t super spooky. We have literally mountains of candy. I think my children ate candy for lunch yesterday! Perhaps it might need to be hidden soon…..

  • The Red he’d April’s are taking over the world! One blog post at a time 😉 thanks for the mention I feel honored 🙂

  • I knew we were bosom friends, Anne with an “e!” Thanks so much for the shout out! I will have many questions when we start homeschooling shortly . . . .

    • I love it. Once I survive this first year of home schooling, I will definitely want to help with answering any questions I can. 🙂 I look forward to watching your journey. It’s bound to be hilarious with all those little bitty children you are accumulating! Oh, it is not easy at all, but it is so much adorableness.

  • April, thank you so much for the “shout out”. I couldn’t figure out why I had a spike in hits last weekend, and told my wife, and she mentioned someone has probably shared your link.

    What a pleasant surprise , to find that link and your VERY kind words.

    Thank you so very much! 🙂