Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: Book, Movie, and Field Trip

Lula’s Chocolate Factory

I finally hit upon a CHAPTER book that the boys love enough to read, even without me. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I wish I had read it when I was a kid. It’s so good! Funny, yes, but also FULL of great life lessons.

Joshua and Caleb give it all their thumbs up.

I would love to say that I timed it on purpose to coincide with our CC group’s Chocolate Factory Tour field trip…..but no. It was just a BEAUTIFUL coincidence. 🙂

They were so excited!

Lula’s Chocolates is a family operation. We got to see them making these delicious goodies. You can buy them at any Whole Foods Grocery Store! Of course, we partook in some chocolate-y goodness while we were there. We also wore really nifty hair nets.

That’s Dan, checking out the sea salt dark chocolates. Oh my, what a wonderful combination it is!

chowing down on caramel

Don’t worry. We’re always careful about the nut thing. Isn’t it so sad that these poor boys can never eat a box of assorted chocolates, thanks to their allergies? We purchased dark chocolate sticks for all of us. The boys were VERY happy.

By the way, Lula’s ships their delicious, handmade treats to all 50 states. You can order here:

Not a bad field trip, eh? Shout out to Vanessa for organizing this!!

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