Dear Caleb’s Future Wife

Dear Caleb’s Future Wife,

Do you know what Caleb said to us yesterday? I hope you laugh when you read this. So cute:

“One day I’m going to make kids all around the world. I’m going to have 22. I mean 200. 2000!”

This is Caleb, holding up his Alabama poster. Caleb is seven, not even seven and a half.

I want you to know that Caleb already thinks about you, though. Once, we passed a field of yellow tulips, and Caleb said, “One day I’m going to give my wife hundreds of those.”

You’re welcome.

Only I can’t really take credit. Each boy is different, and Caleb is his own little man. This just is who he is. Right now he yells, “Ew!!! Girls!!!  Go away!!!” when girls come near our backyard, but rest assured, this is all for show.

Now as for the 2000 children. I don’t know what to tell you, but I thought you might wish for some warning. Sponsor an orphanage maybe?

Love, Your Crazy Future-Mother-in-Law with a Blog, April

artwork by Caleb



Don’t forget that I’m nominated for Most Influential Blogger, and I’m starting to fall behind. Last I checked I was #8 (wahoo!), but that could change any second.  Thank you!!!!!



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