We are Amazon ready for Black Friday.


Look for this in my sidebar.

I’m so excited to tell you that I am officially an affiliate for my favorite company:  Amazon. What does this mean for you? It means that if you click on the Amazon badge on my webpage, it will take you to Amazon.com. Once there, if you buy something, I will get a tiny little commission.

So feel free to use and abuse my webpage as your gateway to holiday shopping.  I know most of my family does their Christmas shopping online anyway.

All that leaves me to fix on my new webpage is the About me section–I’m having a hard time with the widget for that and the twitter icon. Look how silly it looks–all tinier than the other icons–so embarrassing. We’ll call it the tiny twitter baby sister.

Thank you so much for all your votes. Only 2 more weeks of voting, and then I promise to leave you alone…It’s just not any good to be #11, you know?  Thanks again!!!!

As a thank you, here’s a beautiful ocean photo from 17 mile drive: Carmel, California:

but I think Dan + Carmel is much nicer:



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