Watching Frozen with Four Little Boys

2:30 pm Friday

All four boys are awake, and yet I am going to attempt to blog…

Caleb and Joshua are upstairs counting their money.

Daniel and JD are right here beside me. After finishing school at 1pm, washing the dishes by hand because we have to worst dishwasher ever, and baking a chocolate cake, I began to run out of steam.  Time for a break.

Daniel and I had this conversation:

“Mommy, me watch my shows?”

“Sigh. Yes. Okay. Your show.”

Daniel happily ran to the living room and said, “My shows! My shows! No baby shows. Me watch big boy shows. No girl shows.”

Huh. That’s a new one. The boys have officially trained him on their proud anti-girl-show rule.

But I do like movies better than t.v. shows, so I asked, “How about a movie, Daniel?”

I can be terribly manipulative when it comes to my sweet three-year-old….

“Yes!  Movie! Me pick!!”

“Sure, Dan.” I started reading him the titles, “Frozen?”

“No, Frozen. Yes! Yes, Frozen.”


Frozen is my favorite, and if any of you tell him it’s a girl movie, you will answer to me. He thinks the big boys just don’t like it. He suspects nothing…


Now Daniel is “counting” his money. He scoffs if you offer him dollar bills. He only wants coin money. hehehe

JD is walking around, sucking on a pacifier, and carrying a Lego man. He keeps laying down because these are the songs (Frozen songs) that I’ve been singing to him at bedtime all year. Bless him.

Caleb has now joined us, and I asked them each what their favorite line from Frozen is.

Caleb:  Nothing. None of it.

Daniel: Me wove it.

Joshua: (from the dining room) None! Well, ok. Let it Go.

Caleb: Actually, I do like Let it Go a little bit.

Ah, the influence of the oldest brother.


Well, it looks like I’m the only one still watching the movie…

Elsa just started singing “Let it Go,” and Caleb chimed in “Yep! She’s thinkin’ it!”

“Huh? Thinking what?”

“She’s thinking of slamming people with ice.”


“But someone could break it. I’m tellin’ you.”

Elsa begins to build her castle, and Caleb says,

“See what I’m telling you?”

“Caleb, she isn’t slamming anyone. She’s just building a castle.”

“Yeah, but she could slam someone. She will.”


The two littles are now digging through the big boys’ Skylander collection. Let me catch you up on what else has been going on around here lately:

-Caleb left his Nabi (kid droid) on the back seat of the van. I put a grocery bag in the back seat with it. It tipped over and smashed the Nabi.  🙁 Oops. 🙁

-Caleb is now playing on my droid.

-I took all the boys to the Commissary with me Wednesday, and it actually went WELL. I know! I was surprised too. I let Joshua and Caleb each push their own buggy, and I pushed the littles in the “race car buggy.” Everyone was so happy. We went through the store, 3 buggies, in a single file line. I was marveling at how adorable I thought we were. Ha!! Thankfully, it wasn’t too crowded. 10am. If I’ve learned anything from 9 years of parenting, it is that you always take children out on errands EARLY, if you take them out at all.

-You don’t want to know how much we spent on food that day. 3 buggies full….$400. That should last us all month right? Nope. Never. I’m way too embarrassed to tell you how much we actually spend on groceries each month. Yes, I’m aware that it will get much worse. I do realize they will all eventually be Alan-sized. (Well, probably not Daniel. He will probably be more like 5 foot 8, but please don’t tell him that, either.)

-Caleb is still flying HIGH in his math class. I still haven’t figured out just the right reading program for him. He can read on a beginning second grade level, but he still isn’t very interested in reading. I’m constantly looking for more reading material that he will actually like so that I can get him to read more.

-Oh! We have begun Daniel’s formal education. He is doing GREAT. More on that in the next post!

-Thanksgiving: we are going to go eat with a family I’ve never met this year.  Haaaa!  A real California Thanksgiving! 🙂 No, I’m half kidding. There’s a family Alan met at our church that lives either on one of the California farms or out in that farming area, that has invited us. It won’t be ALL about meeting new folks, though. Two other families that we are friends with, from our Sunday School class, are also going. Apparently, there will be lots of room for the kids to run and play. It’ll be great. I don’t know what I’m going to take yet. Something Southern!!!

-We do something different every single year for Thanksgiving. I kind of like that we have a non-tradition tradition.


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  • McMom

    “Frozen is my favorite, and if any of you tell him it’s a girl movie, you will answer to me. He thinks the big boys just don’t like it. He suspects nothing…”

    You crack me up. This was a fabulous post – one of my favorites! I am also embarrassed of how much was spend on groceries every week. We should be able to feed a family of 8. Seriously.

    • Thank you. I’m so glad someone understands!!! Food, you know, it’s one of those things we all have to have, and to be fair, healthy food costs more than crappy food, so we will take just let ourselves think we spend too much because we buy the good stuff. Right? 🙂

  • Never a dull moment at your place! I wish I could have seen that parade of carts at the store!

  • I can save on groceries if I do not let those two grand kids of mine go with me! I can say no to candy bars and nutella…… but they ask for vegetable trays and celery! How can a grandmother say NO to those?? LOL

    • Are they still like that!!??? I wish mine were. See, the healthy stuff is way more expensive than the junk, isn’t it? I let the boys pick out way too much stuff the other day. We came home with ice cream, chips, fruit snacks, and two bunches of yellow bananas which I know will go bad before we eat them all.

  • Sorry there is so much I wanted to comment on in this post, loved it all as usual but I don’t have much time as our power just went out, but I was wondering if you have tried a Build Your Own Adventure book Caleb? If he likes games this might be more to his liking because he can control the outcome of the book and each time he reads it he can have a new adventure.

    • Thank you so much! Your power just went out? Oh, shoot. That can make for such a frustrating day. Was it the weather? I have not tried the Build Your Own adventure books, but I’m going to the library today, and I will certainly look for one. I’ve never read one myself, but that does sound like something he might enjoy. Thank you!!! Hope you get power back soon!

  • This was hilarious! Suuuuch a different experience watching Frozen with boys than with girls. Glad you were able to get your three year old on your side.

    My husband doesn’t love it, but my oldest loves to read comic books. Calvin & Hobbes in particular. He’s always got one open next to him and is reading whenever he gets the chance. Maybe…??

    • Thank you. I think you are onto something with the Calvin and Hobbes. My oldest loves it too. Caleb isn’t quite on that level yet, but I guess he could try to read what he can of it. Comic books do really appeal to boys. They just love the pictures they provide, I think. Garfield was a big hit this week.

  • queenmommyjen

    With 3 little girls, my poor boy has seen Frozen about a million times!

  • It is amazing – My cousin she is asking you a question – How do you manage your time? My cousin has 5 kids – I want to you your secret!

    • You must have a really sweet, close knit family. Your cousin has ALL of my respect–FIVE! The time thing–well, she and I both know there are not enough hours in a day to get it all done. I would tell her that she does not want to know how far behind I stay on laundry. Laundry is my least favorite chore. My husband does help with the dishes and the laundry, and he cooks lunch for us on Sundays and is very happy to order pizza at least once/week….not the healthiest habit I guess, but a time saver for sure. I make the boys do at least a few chores for me each day. They HAVE to go to bed at 8pm so that I can do school planning and blog work uninterrupted. That’s also when I clean up the kitchen. I’m trying to train myself to go to bed earlier and wake up earlier to squeeze in a little exercise. Hoping tomorrow to actually accomplish that!

  • I laughed out loud at the frozen part. My boys cover their ears every time a song from Frozen comes on. Yesterday they told me they didn’t like it because it was too girly and they sang too much. I love that movie! I’d likely be watching it by myself if I turned it on. Ah, well. So goes the life with all boys, right? And the carts at the grocery store! I’m impressed! And with your boys. I really dread going shopping with kids because we are a circus. You are my hero!