Thankfulness in Photos


I love Thanksgiving. Today I am thanking my Heavenly Father for all the blessings he has bestowed upon us this year–this wild and crazy year! 2014 was EXCITING. It has been a challenge, full of change, and full of learning.

And I am thankful for it.


I am thankful that I have the kind of husband that helps coach everything my boys are involved in. Thank you, Alan!

Caleb, driving Grandaddy's scooter, pulling the 'train'.

Caleb, driving Grandaddy’s scooter, pulling the ‘train’.

I’m thankful my dad is such a FUN Granddaddy. Having a scooter hasn’t slowed him down at all. As Caleb would say, “Granddaddy, you’re just as crazy as ever,” as Caleb grins from ear to ear.


thankful for puddles


20140303_145827 thankful for drawing

snow Angelsthankful for snow angels–and so thankful we got to live in a place where you get to make them!!  Thank you, Lord!

20140306_130927 thankful for this



thankful for my label maker and pretty jewelry

IMG_2471 thankful for handed-down matching outfits


IMG_2477 thankful for family watermelon nights



thankful that I took the time to get organized


DCthree  So thankful I got to share D.C. with all four of my children!ArlingtonJoshCalebme


thankful for consignment sales




thankful for oodles and oodles of toys

and baby smiles


thankful for Caleb


thankful for that weekend we got to spend with Alan’s grandparents while we weaned JD


so thankful for the people that cut the boys’ hair


snowboardJosh thankful for snowboarding



bowlingDan and bowling


cupcakeDAn thankful for cupcakes


thankful for the friends of my children

thewinningbuddies thankful for Joshua and for his victories


thankful for Nonna and for baby bottles


for Easter baskets


thankful for my mom and dad

handskneesJD thankful for first times


ReflectingBrosDC for brothers


IMG_3152 for Dan and for stickers


IMG_3205 for Radio Flyer wagons and azaleas


mother'sday Thankful for Mother’s Day and for four sweet little boys



for backyard sports in the spring


and for friends

Boys of Summer_05202014 thankful for fun in the sun



and for wrestling


and moving companies, so we don’t have to pack our                                                                                                  own junk


and photo albums

IMG_3401 thankful for Alabama football familyphoto for family


for that amazing road trip I got to take with my husbandIMG_3621_Fotor

for Alan


for getting to see all of this


for beautiful sunsets

IMG_3849_Fotor IMG_3825_Fotor

for our 3rd honeymoon and for my parents watching the boys for us to do this

IMG_3900_Fotor IMG_3921_Fotor IMG_4048 for DaddyO and his fashion


for relatives and crazy game nights



Centers for home school

thankful for getting to home school

I love going to Point Lobos State Park. You are always guaranteed to find sea lions.

I love going to Point Lobos State Park. You are always guaranteed to find sea lions.

for the ability to laugh at myself for calling all those seals sea lions–Yes, those are actually seals.


and so is he


otter close up

Not him. That’s an otter.

humpback whale

team sea lion thankful for Point Lobos


sea lion her don't blink

thankful for getting to watch herds of actual sea lions and whales, with Alan, Joshua, and Caleb



thankful for silly times

alankayaking_Fotor thankful for kayaking with the love of my life– I have never appreciated Alan as much as I have this year. I love you, Alan! Thank you so much for your support!


thankful to live in California, even if just for a little while

But isn’t everything really just for a little while?

My DaddyO lets me have fun.

My DaddyO lets me have fun.

thankful for J.D. and for getting to share their childhood

thankful that this is my life

thankful for my blog, and more importantly, all of the people that read it. Thank you for reading my blog!!!

I’m thankful that God in Heaven listened to the questions of a little girl, just 4 years old, when she asked, “But who is this God?” I’m thankful that he sent me the people I needed to meet, kept me from harm, led my whole family to know Him, and always loved me in spite of all of the horrible things that I have done. I’m thankful that he taught me of His love.


1 John Chapter 4

8 He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love.

9 In this was manifested the love of God toward us, because that God sent his only begotten Son into the world, that we might live through him.

10 Herein is love, not that we loved God, but that he loved us, and sent his Son [to be] the propitiation for our sins.


What are you thankful for today?



Thank you!


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