Daniel’s Preschool Curriculum

Daniel, Pre K 3


1. Daniel is flying high in Pre-K 3. It is so exciting to teach my very first high type A, organized (for a 3 year old) kid. Life as #3 can be frustrating for Daniel. If only he could figure out how to put on his own socks and shoes and shirt, he would be the very first person ready to go, every single day.

Instead, he’s stuck waiting on one of his parents to help him out. He has to do a lot of waiting and reminding us. What great training, though, waiting!!!

Daniel is the very first kid that I can do this program with:

I tried it with Joshua, and he hated it. I knew better than to even try with Caleb. Everything has to be all fun and colored pictures for those two boys. This book has ZERO colored pictures. Actually, it has no pictures at all.

Enter Daniel. Not a problem. This is the kid that says, “Me want more work, Mommy!” all day, so pictures are simply not a requirement.

2…..Which brings me to a point I want to make about this…..Never judge another parent too quickly because their kid does this or that differently than your kid. You will find that there are a host of other things that affect a child, besides just parenting. Embrace the gifts that your kid has, but do not expect every child to have those exact same talents.

3. Back to Daniel….He is doing 100 Easy Lessons, but let’s face it. I do not always make time to sit down with him for 20 minutes a day and work on this, and this is an activity that the parent has to be 100% involved in.

Therefore, I needed a few other activities that would feel like school to keep Daniel busy. It’s very important to him to feel like he’s doing as much school work as his big brothers. It’s adorable.

Many days, he also does readingeggs.com. All of my children have enjoyed this computer phonics program. We also have all of the easy reader books that go along with it. This is the only activity he gets to do on a computer, so he thinks it is a huge, exciting privilege.

No, I am not a reading eggs affiliate. I wish I were. They have made more than a couple bucks off of me over the years..

4. A Beka 3 year old pages. They are nothing like the worksheets that come in Preschool Workbooks you buy at the grocery store. Oh, I’ll show you a picture of a couple, so you can see how cool they are for this age group.

This one is from the Numbers and Skills book. The letter pictures are very similar, but my photo uploader has slowed to a halt, so…

This craft is from the Arts and Crafts with Amber Lamb book.

Of course, Daniel is always asking for extras, so he is almost finished with all of the 3K material. I’ll be letting him start 4K when he finishes, because this particular child is ready.

I don’t actually follow the A Beka Curriculum plan.  I simply don’t have time. I just hand him the papers. Then I quickly count with him, and remind him what sounds the letter of the day make. We do this during the boys’ morning seat work time. That way everyone has something to work on.

We do also read books together, and do a TON of scissor practice. We do the A Beka crafts, but he always throws them away as soon as we’re finished. Dan is also my sidekick in the kitchen. Everyone in the house knows how much Daniel loves to cook….and clean….and….okay before you start to think Daniel sounds like a girl, you should also know that he is also very very into boy things as well.

Truly, he’s a dream come true. Dear world, please do not spoil this good thing we have going here.

As we speak, he is playing in the bath tub with his Jake the Pirate ship.

I asked him what he wants for Christmas, and he said, “a great big garbage truck!!”

You got it, Dan.

I am not a proponent for forcing kids to grow up too quickly. Daniel does all of this preschool work because he enjoys it. I was that kind of kid too.

Most of the day, Daniel is just playing with his brothers:

….and he eats A LOT. (The power wheel doesn’t even work, but they love to sit in it.) 🙂


The only hindrance to teaching a type A kid? He’s very particular. When Caleb was three years old, we would wake him up every night, as we were going to bed, and carry him to the toilet. We’d say, “Go pee, Caleb,” and with no fuss at all, he would do so, and we would put him back to bed and sleep soundly.

We tried that with Daniel a couple of times, and it was a total, “What!!?? No!!!” disaster. So see, there are things to appreciate about every different kind of personality!! Those laid back kids wet the bed less….so long as you wake them up.

Okay, this was fun, now back to house work and AWANA tonight. Did I mention that I enrolled Joshua in TNT, and I am helping with Trek, which is middle school girls. Joshua is the only one of my children with any business staying up that late at night. Caleb equates AWANA with Chinese torture, and my mental state is not up to fighting that psychological battle this year.

Last day to vote, ya’ll!!  I’m #8, according to votes, but with all the Twitter contests factored in, I’m more like #11, so I need all the votes I can get. They are doubling this week’s votes, so please take a few seconds to click on the ‘thumbs up’! Thanks!!


  • Love how you are teaching each child according to their God given uniqueness and personality April. Great post! 🙂

  • McMom

    Loved this post. I am so impressed that you are teaching three different levels, all at the same time – that is no easy task, I’m sure!!! Funny story about waking kids up to use the bathroom. Never thought of that. We’re not there yet…probably won’t be as funny then – ha!

    • Thank you, Amy! It was hard to follow that adorable elf post by Mary, but then I thought, “eh regular old ‘hey this is my life'” posts are what I do, so that’s just how it will be…Oh, man the toddler “no pull-ups” phase is great on the wallet, not so great on the midnight “Mom, I wet my bed,” wake up call, so we have always been preemptive strikers…until Dan. It’s really my fault for not putting him down for a nap–a mean thing that I do to the poor thing when we all get so busy that we just forget Daniel’s nap–well, that and the fact that he’s three.

  • Aww, I see so much of you in your #3! Those cheeks. So cute. 🙂 I used “The Reading Lesson” with our kids. It’s so fun when they finally make that breakthrough to actually reading! Before that breakthrough, I definitely had poke-my-eye-out-with-a-fork moments though… What? It’s just me? [cringe]
    I do count it a privilege to have been the one to teach my kids to read and hope to be able to do it with our #4 too. No guarantees though, he definitely marches to his own beat and IS #4, after all. Heh.
    Major props to you for teaching all your boys at different levels and using the ways they learn best. Awesome job, mama!!

    • So true. All bets are off with #4. Sometimes I feel like I will never sleep again! And I can totally relate to the poke my eye out moments from reading with my first two!! Daniel’s still just learning letter sounds, so that phase is still on the horizon…

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