An Exciting New Phase of Parenting

Those sweet big brothers! They try really hard!

Alan and I have reached an EXCITING new phase of parenting!

Some of our nights are still hard. Last night, Alan was up until 2 am working on finals. I had to get up in the middle of the night for over an hour with J.D., and then Daniel woke up too, and they both insisted that they were starving….at 3am. I did remember that we had had a hurry-up dinner of leftover chili at 5pm that night. The baby didn’t touch his, and Daniel had barely eaten any of his. After that, ย there was the evening Christmas music special at our church, and then they had all eaten cookies at the fellowship afterwards.

Once I finally fed them, they easily returned to sleep. Don’t worry. That is an unusual occurence.

Rough nights are a very common occurence.

That’s why this new and EXCITING phase of parenting is so incredibly special.

Morning dawns, and guess who wakes up early in spite of the interrupted sleep….the little ones….but ALSO….the BIG ones!! ย haha! By big ones, I am referring to our seven and nine-year-olds.

As a team, on a rainy morning, they are WONDERFUL. Caleb gets the baby out of bed and closes our door. Joshua gets them all breakfast. They all played nicely downstairs.

I know!!!

Alan and I slept until 8:30. ย 8:30!!!!

Moms of only young children, hang in there. Don’t listen to the people who tell you it never gets easier. It DOES! They just don’t remember.

You only have to do the all pre-schooler thing once. Even when you have two little ones all over again, it’s not exactly the same because now you have helpers. Last night, I had to be at church early. I’m in the choir. I asked Alan, as I left, “Do you want me to take Joshua and Caleb with me?” I couldn’t take the babies because there’s normally no nursery.

Alan said, “No. No. Leave them here. They can help get them things and keep them out of trouble.”

Around 8:30, JD finally snuck past them and made his way to my bed. The big boys had started a game of Pokemon cards, in the BATHROOM, with the door shut, “so the babies couldn’t mess up the game.” I figured that was okay, after all, they had earned that after their good work.

Daniel came running to me, broken hearted because they had left him out of the game. I went downstairs and appealed to Joshua to deal Daniel in, which he did. Eventually, Caleb and Daniel couldn’t get along, and the game ended. Joshua tried really hard to intervene on Daniel’s behalf though. I’m just so tickled with Joshua this morning.

There are clear parings among our boys. Caleb does best with J.D. because he doesn’t pester the snot out of him by picking him up too much and tickling him, like Joshua does. Joshua does much better with Daniel, because Caleb and Daniel are too close in age and, of all our children, have the hardest time getting along. Is that 3.5 year age gap the worst, or is it just their personalities?? I don’t know, but they are a tough pair to manage!

I’m feeling optimistic today. I need to think of something good to do for these boys for being such great morning helpers!

“Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.” ย  Luke 2:14


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