Packing Suitcases: One Woman & Five Males…hmmmm

We are packing for a nine day trip. Don’t worry. No one can rob us. While we are gone, we have a house sitter, so I feel bold enough to share this.

Who do you think does the packing in a house of five males and one woman?  Call me sexist, I don’t care. The answer is Me. I will naturally be handling this.

Don’t short change Alan, though. If you haven’t figured this out yet, he does MOST of our Christmas shopping.  I know! I bet not too many of you can say that! I did manage to buy a few things for the women on our list this year. He also put together shelves for me today, and he is now out with Joshua buying him a winter wardrobe of shirts. Meanwhile, he still has a fever. He and the boys have the boys’ annual winter sinus infection. For Caleb, that won’t go away until probably June. Is that weird?

Hillary. I’m actually asking my friend Hillary. What do I do with my nose-runs-all-winter-every-single-year child??

Okay, back on topic.

I just had to share this, because I thought it was funny.

I, in my bossy April way, said to Alan, “Everyone is allowed three pairs of pants in their suitcase (for our 9 day trip).”

Alan, after agonizing over which pair of pants to take, finally gave me ONE pair.

“Alan, can you get me two more? You’re allowed to bring 3.”  Yes, I am that bossy about packing, and not about everything, I promise. If I didn’t behave this way, it would be time to leave, and no one would be packed.

Alan, completely serious, replied, “Three pairs of pants!! That’s excessive!”

It’s a nine day trip!!  That just cracked me up. Meanwhile, I’m proud to announce that I am even holding myself to only three pairs of pants. 🙂

As we speak, Daniel is the only person that is completely finished packing. I cannot describe to you how wonderful it is to have finally birthed a type A child. I LOVE them all equally, but when you’re trying to get six people ready for a trip, having an extra type A on hand sure does come in handy!!

Good news for grandparents. I did not allow Joshua and Caleb to pick out their clothes for this trip. You are welcome.

Am I nervous about flying with four children again? Yes, a little. Here’s what happened last time:

The Flight of Four Children

Merry Christmas, everybody. I gotta go. JD just knocked over the Christmas tree. I didn’t even know that was possible…sometimes I wonder if we will ever be able to get out of here…




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