We’re getting better at enjoying paradise.

Caleb and Daniel are BEYOND hilarious. They’ve been having a ball with costumes lately, and it is so much adorableness.

Batman and Green Lantern   Caleb finally figured out that in some combinations, he IS the oldest brother.

I’ve enjoyed watching them have fun lately. It’s been a nice change of pace. I have heard my fill of complaining since we moved across country.

“We hate California.”

“I don’t want to go. No one there talks to me.”

“I hate homeschool. I hate all schools.” (Our boys are the very classic ‘boy’ type that think they do not like school work. They do seem to enjoy some of it, though, just not all the work sheets I give them!)


I take partial responsibility for this because:

1. I am not a very fun teacher.

2. In the beginning, I tried to squeeze a ton of work into each school day.


But then there are other factors:

1. We were new here.

2. We were terribly isolated.

That’s where the GOOD NEWS comes in about 2015. This is the happy post that I have been promising you. 🙂 Hurray!

Last semester, we were still transitioning to home school, and we were involved in absolutely ZERO extracurricular activities.

They NEEDED more sports training and acceptance. I think basketball season and golf lessons are exactly what the doctor ordered.

Did I say GOLF lessons!??  Why yes! Yes, I did. Caleb started golf lessons last week, and he is LOVING it.


Caleb, in 2013 We have always LOVED mini-golf. The key to keeping it fun, when you are taking three small boys, is this: 1. Do not even attempt to keep score. Leave all little pencils behind. 2. Forget the rules. There are no rules. Just try to get the little ball in the little hole. Rules will come later.



Cute story:

Caleb went for his first lesson this past week: picture about 7 boys, ages 7-9, on a little field of grass, whacking tennis balls with large putters. What could be more fun? Caleb dashed in, and made a new friend in the first 2 minutes.

Alan could hear him talking to his new friend, “Hey! My name is Caleb too! I home school too! Do you want to come to my house sometime?”

I’m so glad he made a new friend, but the coolest part of it all is that I’m already friends with Caleb’s new friend’s mother. That’s right. Only Alan didn’t know that.

He was standing at the playground, with Daniel and JD, when new Caleb’s grandma pointed to Daniel and said, “Hey! I know this little boy.”

Alan was like, “This little boy? Daniel? Do you know my wife, April, with long red hair?”

It took them a while to connect all the dots, but eventually Alan did meet new Caleb’s mom. We’ll call her K. Oh, and get this: She is about to deliver her fourth baby! Sounds like a good excuse to bring at least one or two of her kids over here for a play date, don’t you think?

This was all super exciting for our little Caleb, who is an extremely social little fella.

Oh, and this really sweetens the deal:  The golf lessons are free! Plus, we get a discount at the golf course. Awesome!

Caleb came home and showed us what he’d learned too.

“You hold the golf club with your hands like this. If you want to knock the ball up in the air, you hit it from the bottom. If you want to knock it straight forward, you hit it straight on.”

I was impressed, anyway!

By the way, Caleb, who has yearned to be the leader around here, finally seems to realize that he can play with Daniel and boss HIM around and get him to do just about anything.

This week Caleb has been giving Daniel golf lessons and dressing him up in all sorts of super hero costumes. Daniel loves all this attention. But then, they’ve always had rather interesting adventures together, those two. Here’s a humorous story from Christmas vacation:

For some reason, over the holidays, I ended up sitting in the back of the rental mini-van between……Caleb and Daniel.  Close quarters. This is what traveling at Christmas is all about, right? I was trying to listen to what the adults in the front seat were saying, because that’s just the kind of person I am…..when I suddenly noticed all kinds of commotion right in front of my space.

Caleb was wearing a grimace as he said to Dan, “No, it’s mine.” He didn’t really look mad though.

Dan was equally serious, “NO, Caweb! Mine!!”




Like any mom, I intervened. After all, they were all up in my space.

“What are ya’ll talking about?”

“It’s my ball,” Caleb replied, “and Daniel threw it over there. Give it back to me.”

“NO, no, It’s mine!” Daniel said.

“Would ya’ll please just share and stop fighting??”

“Mom, it’s pretend. It’s an imaginary ball. It’s an imaginary fight, you know, for fun.” Caleb calmly “explained.”

………..What. But. What??? Fighting for fun– ‘if that don’t beat all.’

Have a great weekend ya’ll!!!  I’ll be home, recovering from bronchitis, hopefully sleeping, and google-ing how to be a more fun teacher…


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