Brothers, Best Friends, Part I

meeting brother first time

This was the day Joshua became a big brother. He planted a big kiss on baby Caleb, and they have been best friends ever since.

One of my favorite parts of being  a mom is enjoying the relationships that my boys have with each other. They all truly love and look out for each other. They do amazing “team work” things. They never leave out ‘the baby’, no matter who is ‘the baby’ at the time. This is an amazing gift that they have: three brothers. I hope and pray that they will always be close.

I have had bronchitis for a week now. Since it is the weekend, I took to taking Nyquil around the clock and getting lots of sleep. Therefore, it is now 11:40pm, and I am wide awake.

I wish I’d used this extra awake time to get lots of stuff done, but of course, I did not. Instead, Alan put our children to bed, and I stayed up late looking at old pictures of them…..Why do I do this? I stay up late, looking at pictures of my own children?


It makes me happy. Ridiculously happy. I love their precious little faces, and it is so wonderful to get to look at those faces, without actually having to change their diapers and answer all of their requests.

I’m hoping that will also bring great joy to their grandparents. 🙂 Happy birthday. Here are lots of photos of your grandchildren hugging and being sweet to each other. I ran out of steam, so I only got to 2012.  😉  I guess I’ll have to do part II soon, so that John David can be included!!

holding baby brother

me and Joshua, holding Caleb at home. Newborn Caleb cried a little more often than Joshua did!

baby's first halloween

They truly were best friends from day 1. 


christmas morning

Caleb’s first Christmas:  Joshua had just turned 2, and Caleb was 6 months old.

They have been sitting in this chair together ever since. Still do.


This was at the Natural History Museum in Anniston, Alabama. Alan was in Iraq. Joshua was 3, and Caleb was 1.


at home….Joshua was 2 or 3, and he could easily climb in and out of the play pen to get toys for them.


hugs at the Smithsonian Native American Museum, in Washington, D.C. Caleb was 2, and Joshua was 4.

building snowmen

Just one month before Daniel was born, we got a nice Valentine’s Day snow, in Alabama. 2011. Joshua was 5 , and Caleb was 3.


2 peas in a pod

welcome to the club

Welcome to the club, Daniel!

cover your ears

Daniel blended right into the family.

sharing stories

sharing stories on a three-generation campout with Daddy and DaddyO 2011 (ages 3 and 5)


in their new Christmas jammies 2012. ages 6 and 4

little buzz and woody

Costumes were such a BIG DEAL to Caleb, especially from age 3 to age 6. Occasionally, Joshua would wear a full on costume, just for Caleb. Woody was 4, and Buzz was 5.


because EVERY night is a slumber party

new recruit

teaching Dan our love for Bama ball

supporting our mom

supporting Mom in her “runner phase” They were 7, 5, and 18 months

first day

First day of Kindergarten, Daniel, and First day of 1st grade


Destin!!!! 2012 Destin, how we miss you!

supportive brother

the day Caleb had his MRI, and Joshua showing his support by dressing in similar fashion


John 13:34 – A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.





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