Every Good and Perfect Gift is from Above

exhausted Mom.....because if I posted a picture of myself looking truly exhausted, that might be embarrassing.

exhausted Mom…..because if I posted a picture of myself looking truly exhausted, that might be embarrassing.

10 Random Thoughts from an Exhausted Mom (It was a long day.)

1. How many boys, ages 9 down to 20 months, will fit in a standard American bathtub?

At least four, as my children have proved. I’m sure if I had another child, they would show me how to fit five.


2. What does desperation sound like when it’s time to cook supper?

“Here, boys, play with this bowl of water in the floor while I finish cooking.”


3. What does giving up on being a strict teacher sound like after an emotionally trying morning?

My side of the conversation:

“Where is your TNT book?”

“I don’t have time to help you look for that right now.”

“You aren’t getting out of your work that easily. Here.  Copy this verse from Hebrews.”

“Yes, fine, copy whatever verse you want. Just copy one. I have GOT to go get a drink of water, and I think JD has a poopy diaper.”


4. How do you sneak out of the house without taking Daniel with you?

“Caleb, we are going to the library. Daniel has to go to bed, but he’s still downstairs. You have to go get ready like you are on a secret spy mission. This is a secret mission. You have to prove your spy skills by leaving with me in 5 minutes, without Daniel noticing. Go!”

2 minutes later: Caleb stood at the front door, jacket and all, and proclaimed, loudly, “I’m ready to go!!”


More coaching. Believe it or not, we did pull it off.


5. How many times has a skunk sprayed our house (outside, thankfully) since we moved in, 7 months ago?

3–I just smelled the third.

pretty wildflowers picked for me by Caleb and Dan


6. Sometimes Caleb and his faithful sidekick, Daniel, pick flowers for me.

my pretty Jamberry nails

7. When I feel really grumpy, I look down at my pretty Jamberry-covered fingernails. This is probably the first time I’ve had pretty fingernails since 2007. Post to come about that soon!

No, he didn’t go running with me. He does look cuter walking than I do, though.

8. I went running yesterday. I ran a mile. I was super proud of myself. I didn’t do it in my strength. I hate running. Yeah, I know. I used to do it a lot. That’s because I hate it when my clothes get snug more than I hate running.

It’s funny, though. I have that “I can’t” attitude about anything athletic. I am not athletic, but God reminded me, “Yes, you can. You “run” all day, schooling the big ones and shepherding the little ones. You hardly ever sit, so you can literally run too.”

“Ok, God, I’ll run to that Stop sign.”

“No, you run all the way home.”

“Ugh. Okay.”

If you listen, God can be very clear. (Sometimes I remind myself that some non-Christians may read this blog and think that I’m a crazy schizo…Oh, well…I can assure you I am not. Christianity is about a personal relationship with God, not about following a list of rules.

I did that mile in God’s strength. I haven’t run a mile since JD was born. Did you know that you can stop, anytime it feels like the walls are closing in around you, and plead desperately, “God, I CANNOT do this. Help me!” And he will answer your prayer.

Sometimes I forget to listen for the voice of God, and then I’ll have a shining moment where I just REMEMBER, you know? I listen, I pray, and God strengthens my soul, not just for running, but for real life. How do I handle four boys? God’s strength, only by God’s strength. I cannot imagine life without that. I couldn’t do it. I really couldn’t.



9. I know. I started out being funny, and I got all serious. 🙂 Exhausted people reserve the right to jump around.

I had such a relaxing week with my parents here last week. I think Mom and Dad think that I always sleep until 8am.  I promise that is not the case. I was taking advantage of you.

That sounds like a horrible thing to say after talking so spiritually. It’s just that I could hear you taking care of JD, so nicely, so I thought, “I’ll just sleep a little longer.”

You were a great help, and we enjoyed the visit! 🙂  I think sleep was the greatest birthday gift you could have ever given me!

10. Confession: I quit making to-do lists a long time ago. I live by my daily routine, and if it’s not on my routine, it ends up getting done by Alan. You can thank Alan for all of your birthday gifts, and my kids and I can thank him for their doctor visits, dental appointments, and sports teams.

11. Who cares if I said 10? I have 11 thoughts. 😉

What would I do without Jesus, Alan, Joshua, Caleb, Daniel, and John David? Where would I be without grandparents that come to visit, help, and encourage? How dull would life be without friends and neighbors: both the wonderful and the crazy. I love my exhausting, first world, home school, routine, ordinary life!!

Tired, but happy! Praise the Lord!

Tired, but happy! Praise the Lord!

James 1:17 (KJV)

17 Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.

Go ahead…click it. 😉



  • dthomas580

    I loved your Ten Random Thoughts… but #11 was special to me because of how much you enjoy the grandparent visits. I love your parents!

  • queenmommyjen

    Your nails are snazzy, mine look terrible and I really should do something about them! I don’t know how to cure the exhaustion either. Somedays I just feel like the batteries wore out long before the day even started and yet there are all of these little people looking at me for something. I love it. but maybe someday they will let me sleep or sit down without crawling on me or coming into the bathroom a million times while I shower….:)

  • Number 2 and 4 – I’m there with you on this one, and I only have two kids 😀

  • It’s bone crushing exhausting, but worth every little hug isn’t it? Sometimes we just need a day off!

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