How bad can you really mess up Easter though?



We sort of messed up on the ceremony of Easter this year.

On Friday, we had this conversation:

Me: I need to go to both the Commissary and Target.

Alan: Why Target?
Me: I usually buy them toys for their baskets. Plus, I don’t even have baskets.

Alan: No! Don’t buy baskets.

Me: My boys are getting Easter baskets.

Alan: No, I mean, what if they make their own Easter baskets?

Me: Heh?

A: I mean, they will do it. Just tell them to find things around the house TO USE as baskets. Think of the money we’ll save.

Me: hmm.. ehhhh…well…I guess we could..

Alan: Yes! Great. What else do you need at Target?

(Is he trying to keep me from shopping?)

Easter Sunday 2011 Joshua, Caleb, baby Daniel-- not even a month old

Easter Sunday 2011
Joshua, Caleb, baby Daniel– not even a month old


Saturday… in the next day…also the day before Easter 2015

Joshua said something about the egg hunt at church.

Me: Wait a minute! That’s right! There’s an egg hunt at church, and our children don’t have baskets!! ย OH! This is so embarrassing!

Alan: It’ll be fine. It’ll be fine. Caleb go find yourself something to use as a basket.

Caleb: Huh???

Alan: Grocery bags, April. They can use plastic grocery bags.

(We live in coastal California. Plastic grocery bags in California are like drug needles in Alabama. They are seriously frowned upon. They aren’t even legal in many counties, by the way.)

April: Alan, no! The embarrassment!

Joshua: Yeah, Dad, we do really need to have baskets like everyone else.

Caleb: Yes! I found a grocery sack to use as my basket! (He proudly held up his Commissary sack.)

*the shame of it all*

Me: Alan, for the sake of their mother, they need baskets.

Alan: OH, April, baskets are for girls. Besides, Target was out of them.


Later Saturday…… in the NIGHT before Easter….

Me: Okay, see ya. I’m headed to CVS. I happen to know they have Easter stuff there. (Remember the cat on the Easter aisle? lol)

Alan: What? Why?

Me: (mustering up the most serious-taking a stand-face that I possess) I’m going to buy Easter baskets.

Alan: Here. I’ll go. I’ll buy them some baskets.

Easter 2013

Easter 2013

So that’s where Alan is, as we speak. How I HOPE all will be okay!

Some years I am not well prepared for Easter, other years I do better. OKay. Truthfully, there was just that one year where I did really well. Proof:

Easter 2014, believe it or not

Easter 2014, believe it or not

That’s right. 2014. Matching outfits. I actually pulled it off.

But how bad can you really mess up Easter? Easter isn’t about what WE do.

Sunday shoes that actually fit all of the children? Nope. That’s not what it’s about either.

the Easter bunny? Nope. That’s just for fun.

eggs? no

chocolate? Well, that’s important. That’s all part of it. ๐Ÿ˜‰ But that’s not what it’s about either.

It’s about love. It’s even more about love than Valentine’s Day was. Love and forgiveness. This is what I’ve taught our children, and at Joshua and Caleb’s age they even seem to “get it.”

On Good Friday, the people, overwrought with jealousy of a man who had never harmed them–a man who had gone about teaching people, healing people, and performing miracles–was killed. He paid the price for our transgressions. God required payment for sins, and since Jesus had no sin, his death paid the price for all of us.

And on Easter Sunday, he rose. ย He forgives us before we “get our act together.” We need only to ask him. That’s what I love about Easter.

You can’t “mess up” Easter. Easter isn’t something that we can do. It’s about something that He did for us. Just like faith. You either believe it or you don’t, but salvation isn’t something we can earn. It has to be a gift, freely received, from a creator that loves us.

Good news. Alan got the baskets. My children will not be misfits this Easter.




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