Dan's first t-ball game

Dan’s first t-ball game

Doesn’t Dan remind you of a little Peanuts character, with his big cap and long shirt on? I just got such a kick out of it, and Daniel had so much fun.

I think 4-6 year olds playing t-ball is ADORABLE. Dan had his first game last weekend. Alan stood at 1st base when it was our team’s turn at bat, and I wish you could have seen Daniel give Alan about 10 rapid high-fives as he excitedly ran to 1st base.

Yes, Daniel is small and has a lot to learn about this sport, but I love how much he’s enjoying learning. Our first two boys did not enjoy tee-ball much.

Here are pictures from the first two boys’ first year of tee-ball:

Joshua's first year of tee-ball

Joshua’s first year of tee-ball

Joshua was five years old. We lived inside Washington, DC. The air quality was so bad that year, they actually issued warnings about it.  Joshua never wanted to go to his practices, we probably didn’t praise his efforts enough, and as he got older that didn’t change, so he is done with baseball now.

The one year that they both played tee-ball.

the one year that they both played tee-ball

Caleb played tee-ball only one year. Caleb is the HUMONGOUS kid (Seriously, he was four in that picture, and Joshua was 6.) that a coach sees walking up the first day and thinks, “Yeah! Strong kid on my team!” Ha! While Caleb is strong, his heart wasn’t in it. He decided tee-ball was hot and boring, finished out that year, and switched to soccer.

Four-year-old Caleb

Four-year-old Caleb

I saved those cleats. Daniel should be able to wear them in a few years. Those are size 2 cleats!! Daniel wears an 11 1/2! The difference just amazes me.

Caleb's favorite sport

Caleb’s favorite sport

He never really acted that crazy about soccer either, but he says that’s his sport. He’s actually really great at basketball, but he refused to sign up for it too.

If we’ve learned anything from our 4 years in the world of being sports parents, it’s to go with the flow. 

The best way you can get a kid to like a sport:

Tell them how good they are at it! Compliment anything you can find to compliment! 

“Wow! Daniel, you hit that ball hard!”

“Daniel, you CAUGHT the ball! That was amazing!”

Now is not the time to be cool. Trust me. We learned all we know the hard way.

Does Dan like tee-ball because he thinks it’s fun or because he gets tons of praise from it? Only time will tell. We are just happy to cheer him on.



Oh, by the way, it’s official. We’ve booked our plane tickets and made condo reservations. We are Alabama + Destin, Florida bound this summer. I haven’t been to Destin since 2012. SO EXCITED!!!

Thanks for making us #52!!!


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