Joshua set us straight about Thor!

Hard at work, sword ready!

Hard at work, sword ready!

Alan was at the NEX the other day, and they were giving away free Captain America and Thor comic books. Naturally, Alan picked them up. We put them in the treasure box (incentives for children to behave and perform their best).

It didn’t take long for Joshua to spot them. He was pumped. “Thanks, Mom! I’m excited about those Captain America comic books!!!”

This morning, as Alan was cooking Joshua’s eggs, Joshua said, “Dad, why did you buy that Thor comic book? Thor goes against God. There’s only one true God, not Thor. I’ll read the Captain America one. He’s good, but I just don’t think I should read the Thor one.”


Sure, Joshua, we’ll get rid of it. We just didn’t think of that. We just thought of it as a harmless fairy tale, and that’s fine. However, when a person’s conscience is pricked about something, that should ALWAYS be respected and followed to the letter.

I love home schooling Joshua. Yes, at the beginning of the year, the battle lines were drawn. I had to work hard to get the respect that he had always freely given to his teachers in public school. It was reassuring to hear other home school moms tell me that’s normal–par for the course!

It didn’t take long before he was the easiest one to teach. At nine years old, he can do almost all of his work independently and help all of his brothers as well. I love this boy’s heart, and I am just so tickled pink to be his mom!

Goodbye, Thor.


Thanks for making us #52!



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