Classical Conversations Cycle 1: Week by Week with Brain Pop Jr.

Classical Conversations Cycle 1: Week by Week with Brain Pop Jr.

I’ve mentioned before that Brain Pop Jr. is a hit at our house. As part of my planning for next year, Cycle 1 of Classical Conversations, I combed through each week and lined up the material with the corresponding videos. I am not a Brain Pop Jr. salesman or affiliate. We just like the videos and find them helpful!

Each link will take you to a Brain Pop Jr. video, with lesson materials that correspond to that week’s CC lesson. Note that Brain Pop Jr. does require a membership fee. They DO offer free videos as well. You can find just the freebies here. You can also download an app with freebies.

Brain pop Jr.!


All of the book links are quick and easy Amazon links.



SCIENCE: Classifying Animals Video, Animal Card printable, and games (This one is FREE.)

I also think this book looks fun for this topic Is a Camel a Mammal?

WEEK 3 or 4

Cells: This video is actually on regular Brain Pop, not Junior, but it’s FREE!




HISTORY: Ancient Rome video, game, and mosaic printable activity

 I also recommend this book! My boys, especially Joshua, LOVE this series.



SCIENCE: For week 6 we memorize that fish, amphibians, reptiles, mammals, and birds are all vertebrates. The possibilities are endless for enrichment.

Fish Video, Activity, and Quiz

Frogs Video and Activities



MUSIC: Reading Music Tutorial, printable activity, quiz, etc.

Great book with CD:


WEEK 8: Ancient China video and activities This one has a really cute dragon craft.


WEEK 9: Parts of a Plant, complete with science experiment and lab sheet

MUSIC: Pitch, Tone, and Beat


WEEK 13:  MATH: Cups, Pints, Quarts, and Gallons

SCIENCE: The Earth  This one’s really good! It goes with our memory work perfectly.


WEEK 14: MATH: Inches and feet

SCIENCE: Rocks and Minerals


WEEK 16: History: Maya Civilization

Math: Area


WEEK 19:  History: The Pueblo People

Science: Ocean Habitats Another really good one!

My boys love this book: It comes with a poster, which is already hanging above Caleb’s bed.

WEEK 22: Music: Mozart

Presidents: Presidents

I now have this in an easy-to-print PDF format:  Cycle1BrainPopJrPrint


I hope this list helps! If you are new to Classical Conversations, be sure to read my article for newbies. Brain Pop Jr. is a fun way to engage children in the learning process, but of course it’s not a replacement for memory work, and my favorite CC help of all is the app!

Be sure to follow me on Facebook for more fun ideas. Happy Planning! 🙂

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