My Video Interview and Fitness Plan with Coach Cox

exerciseThis is me, trying desperately to do planks. And this is what actually happens anytime a mom of a toddler tries to do floor exercises.

You want to know scary? Try doing a kettle bell swing with this little guy around. Don’t worry. It’s completely impossible. Once he walks in, the kettle bell goes down. But plank time is big fun to him.

C’mon, Mom!! Get up!

Every single toddler. Every single time.

I’ve never had an online personal trainer before. I’m doing this program with Coach Cox, and it’s really all about building healthy habits. What I like about this is that he focuses on life style changes, rather than crash diets/cleanses/ or abstaining from this food or that. That mess gets on my nerves.

First, he sits down with you and does an interview. You tell him where you’re at, fitness wise, and what your goals are. Then he gives you guidelines on what and how much to eat, he builds you a work out calendar, complete with videos, and together you agree on your very first goal.

Here’s my interview. I wasn’t overly excited about being on camera, and at the end, half of my children barge in, and I have trouble not laughing. This is a great video to get ideas for ways to get in shape yourself. I DID fix my hair and put on make-up for this. You are welcome.

He briefly mentioned in this video that he has an AWESOME app to go with all of this.

Fast forward.


So month one is over for me now. I convinced Justin to work with me a second month. This is something I wanted to take on because I majorly FAILED in the ‘taking care of myself’ department this year. It is painfully noticeable when I’m standing with all of my southern relatives, and they all have pedicures, and I never even make time to paint my toe nails.

I told my Mom, “I just don’t really have time to spend pampering myself.”

Mom said, “It takes 5 minutes to paint your toe nails.” Oh, yeah, so maybe I’m just getting lazy…and less and less girly. I need someone super girly to move near me and make me do this stuff that used to be second nature to me. What is happening to me???

Okay. y’all. Hold me accountable! I am going to drink my water, get my rest, and follow Coach Cox’s work out plan through the rest of June!!  If you’re hangin’ out with me, don’t let me make excuses. Let’s encourage each other to live healthier.

Want to join me on this adventure, or learn more about his free fitness videos and articles?

Find them here:


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