Father’s Week (and the tick story)


This was a hoot! Granddaddy told the boys they could throw water balloons at him as he rode his scooter around the backyard. Of course, he was throwing balloons at them too. 🙂

We are now in Florida with Alan and all of our children. I just took all 4 boys to the pool while Alan went grocery shopping. I am five kinds of exhausted.

I found a tick, halfway burrowed into Daniel’s head. I had to hold him down, keep JD from jumping in the pool, and pry that thing (which had an amazing grip) out of Daniel’s head. Have no fear. I won. Some kind of primal instincts kicked in, and I was DETERMINED to get that nasty animal out of my precious boy’s head. Laugh all you want, but it felt like a major victory. Of course, now we’re watching him like hawks for signs of lyme disease.

It was all that you imagine taking four brothers to the pool would be. I am physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted. But this weekend isn’t supposed to be about me. It’s about Daddy. We’ve missed Daddy. We’re excited that he’s back with us.

My words can’t do the men in our life justice. They are all incredible. We love you, Alan, Dad, DaddyO, and Granddaddy. We hope you are having a happy Father’s Day!  I’m thinking Alan will have a happy but exhausting one!

Here’s a few fun photos of our dads:


Alan and his dad. JD was DaddyO’s faithful sidekick when I went on vacation with my mom. We are so thankful for this man!


Alan took the boys golfing back in California. They had so much fun.


a day at the ballpark


Alan just rented the new Spongebob movie, so we will be doing this tonight.


As I shopped for Father’s Day gifts this year, I was appalled to find so few things to choose from. There were still more “I love Mom” gifts available at most stores, and here it is Father’s Day week. What an under appreciated group!

I want you fathers to know that I could not be more thankful for you. I love not only the way you open jars, carry in the suitcases, and put together the furniture. I love the way you hug, share, look out for your family, spend time with us, and make us laugh. You deserve a whole Father’s Week!

Deuteronomy 1:29-31

part of the crew at Grandaddy and Grandmother's house--They are so good at bringing the family together.

part of the crew at Grandaddy and Grandmother’s house–They are so good at bringing the family together.


still one of my favorite Daddy photos!




  • McMom

    Glad to see a post – I have withdrawals when it’s been even a couple of days!

    Ewwwww – a tick! I imagine I would do the same thing, but boy I hope I never have to! GREAT picture of Alan and Daddy-O. HILARIOUS that your dad let them throw water balloons at him. I am still laughing about that one….great idea 🙂 And I agree – good dads are a very unappreciated group!

    • Aw! Thank you! Sometimes I feel like I bombard you all with too many posts. Vacation is definitely a tough time to squeeze in blogging, but you know how that is!
      The tick– I know!! I have always been sort of amazed that we’d never met a tick on our boys. They play outside a ton, so today was the fateful day. Alan is almost always around on vacation. Go figure that this would happen while he was at the grocery store, but I think my nails made me a good person to take care of it–nails and pure Momma adrenaline!
      aprilmomoffour recently posted…Father’s Week (and the tick story)My Profile

  • We too have ticks in the Santa Cruz mountains of California. We comb our hair after hikes for sure! http://www.rebeccakrusee.com

    • Small world! This means we are actually neighbors!! We just happen to be on vacation right now, but the boys are no longer allowed to play in the woods across the street from our house b/c the neighbors found so many ticks on their kids…..that plus it took Joshua a month to get over his massive poison oak reaction.
      aprilmomoffour recently posted…Father’s Week (and the tick story)My Profile

  • Daddy-O

    April, thanks so much for the kind words.

    From the looks of the photo of me and Alan, I’ve gotten as fat as a tick (pun intended).

  • Oh my gosh that tick story! I have never had a run in with a tick before, but Jen’s Guy has had loads of experience with those nasty things! Happy Father’s Day to all of the great men in your life!
    queenmommyjen recently posted…The Truth About Teen Bed TimesMy Profile

    • Hey, that’s a pretty good record. I had a few run-ins with them when I was a child. They used to burn them out of me with cigarette lighters. Ha! We didn’t have any of those on hand this time.

  • It’s a great daddy photo!
    We have ticks all over New England and I get so upset if I see one near my kids! Usually we get the dog ticks, which don’t seem to spread Lyme, but I’m always aware.
    Tamara recently posted…Currently, Lately.My Profile

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