Dan and JD Present this Mighty Mighty Giveaway!

mighty mug for preschooler

Daniel, happily using the Mighty Mug

Last month we were on vacation, staying at my parent’s house, aka Nana and Granddaddy. Nana’s table requires a tablecloth. Not a big deal, right?

Not unless the Dan Man is eating at that table. In his defense, he probably wasn’t the only one; it just seemed like it was usually him.

Poor Nana. I am not even kidding when I tell you that Dan was spilling drinks about three times a day.  I went to the store and bought Nana more tablecloths.

Then lo and behold, I got this email. Blogging is the coolest job ever. People are always asking to send me free stuff to review. I only accept the ones that I truly believe will help my family and my readers.

This company said they have a mug that won’t tip over. It’s not a sippy cup. It’s a coffee mug, a grown up coffee mug that will not tip over, unless you punch it hard, to purposefully tip it over.

I couldn’t believe my luck. “Yes! Send me this thing right away!”


We use this every day now. JD, Dan, and I take turns with it.

When I returned home from vacation, the mug was waiting for me. I get the best mail!

I picked this color because I feel like I deserve to own extra girly things, living in a house full of males. It is primarily my cup, after all.

Daniel asked me if he could drink out of it.  Oh, wow. This is going even better than planned! “Absolutely, Dan!!!”

I watched eagerly to see if he could find a way to spill it. If anyone can, it’s him.


Dan, with his Mighty Mug and his breakfast

The older boys were fascinated with it too.

“Wow. How does it do this? Is there a magnet in there? It’s like it has super gravity. I’m gonna show this to my friends,” and they did!

It is really neat. You see that bottom part? It is rooted to the ground, but no, it’s not a suction cup on bottom. I have no idea how this thing works, but it does work.

We all figured out very quickly that you have to lift straight up to pick it up, but it’s not heavy at all. Actually, it’s become quite the party trick at our house.

But here’s the real test. Guess who wanted a turn to use it…..the littlest man….


I held my breath, as I sat on the other end of the table…..

Nope. He didn’t tip it over.


I don’t remember what was in it, but it must have been good.


He even learned how to open and close it.

I know this probably isn’t the intended use of the Mighty Mug, but when you have several kids you use things in unique ways.

Nana, you wanted a good birthday gift idea for Alan. Well, he wants a manly colored one to take to work.

My one big tip: I was going to include an Amazon affiliate link to this product, but I won’t do it because Amazon charges $27.99. If you buy this straight from themightymug.com, it’s only $19.99. Other styles vary in price. The teal version also comes in many different colors. It’s the “Mighty Mug Go”.  Shipping is free from themightymug.com, if you purchase at least $30 worth of products. (If you use Amazon Prime, but only if you are only buying one mug, it may even out since you don’t pay shipping.)

Spill proof matters at our house. Two thumbs up here!

Now for the BEST PART!

We are giving one away!!!

Just click on this image to enter the giveaway! (And hurry! It closes in a week!)



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