Dirt boy does not wish to go to the potty.


sweet little dirt boy

JD is the definition of “all boy”. He requires 2 baths and 3 sponge-downs/day. He plays in dirt, sand, mud, and water. He’s the easiest toddler in the world because you will hardly hear a grunt out of him all day.

He wakes up, and he says, “Dirt?”

“You want to go play in the dirt?”



Sometimes, I promise, he wears shoes.

“Sure,” and we open the door to our mini-fence. It is literally a mini-fence. It is the size of a bedroom, and since there is no air-conditioning or bugs, we just leave the door to the house wide open. JD spends half the day in his tiny play yard.

He’s so filthy by noon that I bathe him, feed him lunch, and put him to bed. He sleeps for a couple of hours. Then he wakes up and says, “Dirt?”


Everyone should have a happy place.

“Dirt? Beach?”

He calls his sand box the beach.

Right now JD and Daniel are actually inside. JD has 2 Sarge jeeps from the Cars movie, so Dan convinced him to let him hold one. JD is very serious about his car collection. His favorite is this random hot rod called Boost. We only know his name is Boost because it’s written on his license plate.

All day:


“Beach? Boost? Dirt?”

“Where Dad?”


“Where Dad?”

He’s so cute, we just can’t leave him alone, and he’s two so he still likes to cuddle with me.


Notice the halo. Apparently, he truly is an angel! Or I should turn my flash off…

He was not impressed with the Potty Training Pep Talk that I posted last week. He’s boycotting the potty.


trampoline time

I was all geared up for the process too, y’all. I took a deep breath, Alan bought underwear, and I announced our plan to the tiny man.

“Look JD! Underwear! You are a big boy. You can pee on the potty and wear underwear.”

His eyes filled with sudden panic. His jaw set in utter determination.

Hmmm. The family stubborn gene is also strong with this one.



This is not how I had this planned.

I forged on. He wore the underwear, not that he approved of it.

I took him to the potty.

“Noooooo!” He fled the potty as though it were a rattlesnake. I don’t get it. Three weeks ago he loved the potty.

Why do toddlers pull this kind of mess?

Sooooo…..I put the underwear in the drawers. I put the boys back in Luvs. I’m going to have to buy a stupid tiny potty. I didn’t want to. It’d be so much easier if he’d just use the big potty like the rest of us. That’s what Daniel did.

But let’s face it. JD and Daniel are about as alike as a dog and a cat, so my next step is to try the little potty.


What? Does your house not look like this? Yes, they also play with my shoes. Shoes are obviously magnificent toys.

Do any of my California peeps have a potty they aren’t currently using that we could borrow for, oh, I don’t know, 6 months?

Each baby continues to remind me: As a parent, we never have this thing figured out. Each baby is unique, and some babies are down right humbling.

Embrace the humbling. Pride cometh before a fall.

Hope you are all having a great week! Anyone have any similar potty stories they’d like to share?


Do tell.

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