So let’s just talk about the two-year-old and other updates


my chubby little cherubs



Soccer season is officially over. We have a couple of weeks of peace and quiet. (Sort of. We do still have four children.) Then basketball season starts. Caleb and Joshua will be playing on the same team this year, with Alan as their coach!

Daniel is now enrolled in a pre-school! Just half day, and he doesn’t start until January, but  I’m excited for him. He’s going to love it.


JD is becoming quite the blabber mouth. It used to be that Dan followed me around all day and talked my ear off. Then the cold and the rain came. JD does not enjoy the cold or the rain, so he stays inside now. He’s like a leg appendage half the time, and he has plenty to tell us. There is no word that he cannot say. There is no feeling that he cannot express. There is no need or want that he does not feel compelled to share with me.

“Gert? Gert? I want gert.” That’s right. JD correctly uses pronouns. Hurray!

“JD, please get out of the fridge, and yes, you may have a yogurt, but get out of the refrigerator.”

“Poon. Poon. I get it. I get a poon,” as he fishes around the drawer, which is so high compared to him, that he can only peek into it with one eye, as his hand searches for a spoon.

“Got it!” He runs to the table.

“Nakin. Nakin.”

“There’s a napkin right in front of you. See?”


He says ‘oh’ all the time, and it’s adorable. He tells people hello, and it’s adorable. He says pretty much anything and it’s adorable. That’s the beauty of being two.

“Done! Cars. Cars. Cars. Cars book. Read me. Read me this Cars book,” as he shoves his laptop-sized book in your face.

I try to at least read to him once per day. The others all got so much more of my time. I want to squeeze this poor little home-school toddler. If his brothers were at school, he’d get so much more of my time.

There are so many pros and cons to the home schooling. JD may not get as much one-on-one, but he adores running around with his big brothers, which he gets to do so much more of this way. He’s much better at entertaining himself than he probably would be if he were my sole focus. He made a Duplo tower today, all by himself, that was as tall as he is.

Oh, and the boy has sweet manners. I never have to ask him to say ‘thank you,’ he does it naturally. He also says, “No, thank you,” when he doesn’t want something.


I’m off to bed. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. My old lady hip is angry with me. If it doesn’t improve, I will be tempted to cave and get a steroid injection. I keep reminding myself of the long term disadvantages to that, though, so I’d rather not.

I did receive the rheumatologist referral in the mail this week, so maybe I will soon be getting more answers. God knows. God knows what is causing my pain, and he knows what I need.

This home-school experiment has forced me to lean on the Lord more than I ever have, and  I’m learning so much. I would that everyone would have the opportunity to be given more than they can handle! Haha! That’s what it has taken for me to learn how to trust God more.

Okay. I will really go to bed now. Bring on the weekend!



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