Resolutions and #GivingTuesday: Things are looking up!

We have resolved some issues.

#1. We will not attend Science Camp this year. None of our friends signed up. It’s too close to the Alabama trip, and most of all, none of us actually want to go spend a week in a cabin.



#2. #GivingTuesday

We are spending the whole month of December doing the giving. It’s Christmas. Isn’t that what we’re supposed to be doing the whole month?

Ha! No, I’m kidding. I love the spirit behind #GivingTuesday though. Adore it. That’s what it’s all about. I’ve preached this and preached this to my children, and it sunk in much deeper than I ever dreamed it would with Joshua.


He talks about, prays about, and thinks about the poor and the homeless constantly. It’s precious. I don’t remember thinking that way when I was his age. What am I saying, I’m probably not even as kind-hearted as he is now.

We all have a heart for different ministries. I think Joshua’s is helping all of us to up our game.

Today we participated in #givingTuesday by donating 5 bags of books that we are finished with to Goodwill, an excellent organization that I love to support. Goodwill provides jobs for people who most companies won’t hire. They also provide a place where people of all income levels can afford to buy clothing and furniture. And tennis rackets and board games. Thrift stores are my favorite places to buy sports equipment and board games!

Joshua did a little more than the rest of us. He spotted a Salvation Army Bell ringer. He got so excited. He scraped all the money he could find out of our car, jumped out, ran to the Salvation Army kettle, put in the change, and cheerily wished the bell-ringer, “Merry Christmas! Thank you for doing this!” Then every time we passed the bell-ringer, Joshua would smile and wave.

If only it weren’t a parallel parking situation. I could have paused and soaked up my joy of that moment until my heart grew twelve times.

But it was indeed a parallel parking situation, and JD’s car seat is on the road side, so I had to convince him to climb over his potty, which we of course brought with us, and depart the car on the nice, safe sidewalk side of the mini-van, into the waiting arms of Joshua, who was back by then.

Who takes their two-year-old to the post office without a frog potty? Don’t worry. I promise I left it in the car.

Have I ever mentioned that I live in mortal dread of parallel parking situations? Why must we insist on living in tourist destinations, where these crazy sideways spaces lurk around every other one-way street. When we first moved here, I identified the problem of the parallel parking spaces of the downtown area. I decided then and there that we would simply avoid going downtown at all costs.

Who needs to see a butterfly museum? Go hang out by the flowers, boys, eventually you’ll find a butterfly at home because Mom doesn’t park sideways.

Now that we are not going to Science Camp, we are free to do so many more things! One of which is that Joshua and Caleb, along with Alan or me, will get to be a Salvation Army bell-ringer this weekend themselves! We are all excited about this! We watched a training video and everything.

Merry Christmas, y’all! I’m totally feeling the joy today! Plus, both of my pre-schoolers are NAPPING, so happy dance, happy dance, happy dance!


  • I’ll never forget the day I got my driver’s license. Back then, parallel parking was on the driving test. The day before the test, I practiced over and over and aced it (really! I did!). When I got back to the court house, Mama asked the state trooper how I did on the test. His exact words were, “She will walk a mile before she parallel parks, but I will take the size of the car into consideration and give her the license anyway.” (I took the text on her Country Squire LTD stationwagon.)
    He was right…….I will still walk a mile before I attempt to parallel park. lol

  • Jen

    I absolutely detest parallel parking too, so I would have done the same thing. My heart grew 12 times just hearing the story so it all turned out good I say 🙂
    Jen recently posted…The What No One Wants For Christmas Gift List #2My Profile

  • I haven’t parallel parked since I lived in San Francisco! Even though I live in a slight tourist place now, I don’t have to do it anymore. Freedom! Like the freedom of not attending science camp. Well done!
    Tamara recently posted…Scarlet’s Sugar Cookie Surprise & Giveaway.My Profile

  • Anonymous

    Glad science camp is off the table. You know I’m all about science, but the timing sounded all wrong. One less thing to worry about in December…yay! Joshua! What a heart warming story. What a big heart he has. Parallel parking was never a problem in the Honda. The Armada, however, i have never attempted and hope not to!

    • I’m not even great with parallel parking little cars. Alan wants me to up-size on my next car, but I think he overestimates my skills. The mini-van it will be for a while yet.

  • I’m with you on parallel parking. I’ve never done it successfully in my life (at least not well) and at this point, I just avoid those situations at any cost!
    Lisa @ Lisa the Vegetarian recently posted…Thinking Out LoudMy Profile

  • Nonna

    Science camp would be great… but not right before Christmas! Glad that one is off your plate so you can enjoy the season. Love the “giving to others” stories. It sounds so like Joshua…well, all the boys really. See you soon and Merry Christmas!