Stories of Our Boys’ Top 10 Posts of 2015

2015 was a happy year here, full of it’s own challenges, triumphs, and best of all, adventures. I put together this look back at my 10 most popular posts from the year. By popular, I mean that these are the posts that were read by the largest number of people.

First, a few stats from our past year at Stories of Our Boys:

You might have read all 156 blog posts.

You are reading this from 120 different countries. was the #1 commenter, followed by McMom. I LOVE my commenters! You add so much to the discussion.

Nonna was my #1 voter and promoter.

Most of you came to my blog via Google or Facebook.

This cute little blog started to make money. Then the home school year took over, and I have been turning away work ever since.

But the greatest thing in the world you give me is when one of you dear friends says, “I like what you said about….” or “I enjoy reading your blog,” or “Your post inspired me to….”

Thank you so much!!!

Biggest observation: The most popular posts are the informational ones. My stories…which are my personal favorite….are much less widely read. Ah, well.

As a blogger, you are who I aim to please. If I were only writing for myself, I’d have a journal, not a blog, so I value your feedback. I’d love to hear what types of posts are your faves.

Now onto this year’s….

Top 10 of 2015


#10 Four Things to Learn From the Duggars That They Didn’t Mean to Teach 


#9. What’s a Jamberry Anyway?


#8. One Simple Lesson That Brought Joy Back to My Life (One of my faves as well!)

#7. Breastfeeding Babies, Strangers, and Airplanes. My, Oh My, Oh My

(So random. I wrote that one in 2013, but it was still my 7th most popular article for 2015.)


how to build a family schedule that works

#6. How to Build a Family Schedule That Works

This is the only thing I’ve ever written that was a Pinterest hit.


Classical Conversations Cycle 1 and Brain Pop Jr.

#5. Classical Conversations Cycle 1: Week By Week with Brain Pop Jr.

…because who doesn’t love BrainPop??

Home School Vs. Christian School Vs Public School Pros and Cons

#4. Home School Vs. Public School Vs. Private School: Pros and Cons List

I so need to update this post. I wrote this one in 2014, before I ever tried the home school thing.

Montessori at Home

 #3. Montessori at Home: Brainy Kit Review


How to Build a School Supply Cake

#2. How to Make a School Supply Cake

This was published in 2014. According to Google, is the #1 authority in school supply cake building on the internet. Pretty funny when you realize that I almost never “craft”!

Making Over My Morning Like a Night Owl

#1. Making Over My Morning, Like a Night Owl

…because anything that appears on is going to get a thousand times more traffic than my norm.



Here’s to the New Year! We’re excited to see what 2016 will bring. I hope it’s a great one for all of you!




  • All great posts! You really do have a gift for writing and story telling. I love how you tell it like it is. You are one of the few blogs that gives a raw view in to everyday life. I think more people, and women especially, need to see that. You are a beautiful person, so sweet and you were always so helpful but life happens to you too and that makes you so relatable. There is so much Photoshopping and strategic sharing that we’ve lost sight of what real life is. You do a great job of reminding everyone that real life might not always be perfect, but it’s beautiful just the same. Here’s to a wonderful 2016!

  • Jen

    It’s kind of crazy when you look back and see what was popular. This morning Pinterest sent me en email showing my most popular pins and do you know on the list of course was those dang dinosaur rice krispies which I tried to re-create and failed doing. Oh well. Love your blog and happy New Year!
    Jen recently posted…You’re Going To Make It After AllMy Profile

  • Chris H

    What a great year for your family and the blog!

  • I took a break from blogging because things were chaotic at home as I started working part-time, we had three boys in soccer, and the hubby was working two jobs. Anywho, with my break I was also not reading blogs. Today I decided to catch up on the blogs I love to read and I was excited to click on yours!! I am so happy to see you are still blogging, you are growing as a blogger, and you have had a great year! This is a great post! I look forward to keeping up with your blog in 2016!!!!

  • Great post and happy new year!

  • I do LOVE your own stories April They bring back a lot of memories. You are very honest, and sometimes I will even say a prayer on your behalf to God. Your last post about the airport was AMAZING..

    Incredible that some posts that go back 2 years are still in your top 10.

    God bless April. Have a wonderful 2016!