The Fear of Sitting Down and Little Tricks for Bringing Happy Back



What is she talking about, “the fear of sitting down??”

Well, if you have it, then you know, and if you don’t, I’m sure you have your own problems. Ha! No, I just mean that I found this video that explains well what we are doing for my hip pain. (I do live in fear of sitting. Sitting hurts.)

I still have to do one more MRI to check for inflammation in my SI joint, but for now, we’re going with the theory that all of my problems are mechanical.

Meanwhile, my physical therapist and my chiropractors have told me that my pelvis has a lateral tilt. My PT says that the left side is usually “way higher” than my right. He even taught me how to even it back out, so just in case any of you share this problem, which they say is common, I wanted to share this video with you all.

Perhaps if I do this everyday, I could stomp out this pain in my rear altogether:

This makes a lot of sense. I’ll try anything to be able to take a car trip!

I’ve been going to so many doctor appointments, tests, etc., etc. Getting actual answers keeps getting postponed, though.

Last night, I was standing in the kitchen, and BAM! It felt like my right shoulder was on fire. It was intense. Then today I couldn’t turn my neck to the right. Then the same thing happened to my husband, but on his opposite shoulder! Weird! I hardly slept last night. It hurt all night long. Alan slept well, but his shoulder still bothered him during the day today too. We are a pitiful bunch.

I’ve had tons of x-rays at this point, though, and I can tell you that they are clean. I have beautiful, happy bones. My rheumatologist says that I do not have an autoimmune disorder, which is good. Although, actually, psoriasis is an autoimmune disorder in and of itself, but I guess he didn’t think that one counts.

Yesterday, I was feeling down about the whole, “What in the world is wrong with me??  I’ll never get to take my kids to Disneyland,” thing.

This morning I drove all the way to my cardiologist appointment, only to find that the doctor was at the hospital. I rescheduled with his physician’s assistant. I liked her anyway, so no heart test results for me until next month.

I used my surprise free time to drive to the beach and think and pray and watch people try to surf on tiny waves.

I have so much to be thankful for! My friends have been so insanely supportive. McKenzie baked me gluten-free bread. Joy bought me the most delicious loaves from Costco. Cassie has been so encouraging. Hillary brought us dinner. Alan’s friends brought us a bread maker to borrow. My Classical Conversations mom friends have prayed over me. I feel so loved!!

Do you know what I was reminded to do today? Have fun! When did I stop doing things just for fun? I’ve decided I need more happy in my life. Our nanny, Analise, always opens all our blinds and curtains. I was amazed at the difference in mood that it creates!

Here are a few simple ways to create happiness:

-opening windows, or just the blinds and curtains

-listening to music

-taking walks, even better, taking walks with friends

-taking the boys to the park

-buying and reading a magazine that you love (I chose Glamour. Next up: Vogue!)

-talking to a good friend or your mom on the phone

-doing something fun with the kids

So I took the boys swimming today. I couldn’t swim with my spontaneous shoulder injury, but it was still rewarding. I got in with them.

I think it’s time to stop worrying about what is wrong with me and just get back to doing my job, but with more music and more happiness. I’m not promising anything about the messy house, though. That’s a side effect of the homeschooling. We’ll be tidier once that’s over.


  • Nonna

    That video was great! Thanks, April.

  • Jen

    I am so happy to hear you have such supportive people in your life during this difficult time and yes these small and simple things you suggested really do make a difference!
    Jen recently posted…A Discussion On Letting Go And Choosing What To FeedMy Profile

  • KT

    Nothing changes my mood quicker than opening up all the windows and letting in natural light. I have a rule that electric light can’t be used in my house in the daytime. Especially in winter when we’re stuck inside part of the time, it is a drastic mood-improver. I hope your shoulder is feeling better. 🙂
    KT recently posted…Let Their Grandparents HelpMy Profile

  • McMom

    Confession – I didn’t watch the video until now because I assumed it was something I already knew. Well, as it turns out, I did not! These are all new and I’m totally about to try them once I get off the couch. (Ha!) They both sound like they would be effective. I am going to try to add them in to my stretching routine – I usually try to run through a bunch of stretches 3-4 x/week. Some weeks I’m better at it than others. But, all we can do is try our best, right? And YES, blinds and curtains are HUGE. Sunshine is a real pick me up! And music does wonders when my two are in a post-naptime/pre-dinner funk. Great list 🙂

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