A Whittle Adoption Story

Lately a few of my buddies have started something. It’s happened a few times over the years. I always get so excited when one of my real life friends starts….


I’m telling you, it’s the funnest thing, blogging. You don’t understand. You all are able to keep up with me, but I have the hardest time keeping up with YOU, unless you have a blog or update social media regularly.

Katerina was one of my “park mom” friends when we lived in the D.C. area. I just read such a touching adoption story on her new blog. I got goosebumps! Read it below. You won’t regret it! You’ll have to follow the link to get the full story.


adoption story

1 Year Ago

“I called our case worker and just asked her some questions about what we should expect going forward from here. I was heading home, just got off the phone with our case worker, and not an hour later she calls me back. It is always fun to get those weird calls. So I answer and she is kinda laughing as she tells me that we have a match if we would like to try and see. Without hesitation I say of course! She said great I will give your number to the children’s case workers.

Not 30 minutes later I get a phone call. My heart is going nuts by this point. As I am talking to the kids’ workers she says can I meet you at your house in 2 hours. I freak out!!! My house was trashed. I hadn’t cleaned yet and she was coming to hopefully drop off our future kids. Panic mode was in full effect.

As all good friends do, I quickly call my friends Courtney, Cheryl and Laura, tell them what is going on. Court and Cheryl drop everything and race over to help me clean. I still cannot believe they helped me scrub my toilets. 😂 That is true friendship right there. We clean the whole house and I run to go grab Mu and Baby girl from school very quickly.

All the while I am trying to get ahold of J while he is at work. I try every number I can find and no luck. I finally call the office assistant and she runs into his office and tells him that he needs to call me NOW because we are getting kids in an hour. Nuff to say I think that was the fastest trip home he has ever made. True to her word the kids’ worker pulls up 2 hours from her phone call. J and I come outside to help get the kids from the car.

I am scared and worried and panicking all at the same time. I didn’t know what to expect or what was going to happen. It was anxiety at its finest. J gets sweetheart from the car and I go to the opposite side of the car and out comes this little boy that I know I had seen before. Low and behold……click here to read the rest!

Katerina blogs at whittlemomma.wordpress.com! Be sure to tell her hello and follow along.

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