Spring Break and Easter: Family O’ Boys Style

monsters and Easter, now there's a match...

Spring Break is sort of over now. I say sort of because my oldest two spent last night camping in a treehouse and today hiking at the Pinnacles, so they aren’t exactly back in the books yet.

We decided not to go on vacation this year. Alan had to work on his thesis. I thought I was going to accomplish great things in preparation for the move. I actually spent most of it going to doctor appointments (insert eye roll) and handling Easter and birthdays.

But I can’t complain:

  1. My aches and pains are over. I’m down to nothing but plantar fasciitis in the mornings and a heart problem that’s mostly controlled by meds now. I have much to be thankful for.
  2. The move is ever-so-gradually coming together.
  3. I re-organized our entire storage unit in the school area today. Is there anything more gratifying than taking a space that has gotten over-cluttered and ORGANIZING IT?? I think not. I feel so happy. Giddy, really!
  4. The boys’ school registration for next school year is in the mail. Step one, done!

I feel good.

One failure: I took not one single solitary photograph of anything on Easter.

What was wrong with me? I was so concerned with getting to church on time–ahem–because they were serving breakfast– that I totally forgot to annoy people with my camera!!!

But don’t worry. I did take a few shots this week:



Someone had a birthday. Happiest person in the world.


This has already been built and broken and built and broken.


There were some territorial disputes over a few of the gifts. JD promptly bathed with these toys, so I’m sure he feels they are his own, but don’t worry. Daniel can hold his own.


truly getting into the world of pretend




Joshua saved this Lego set in the box all the way from Christmas until now to give Daniel on his birthday, and Dan was THRILLED.


I made his cake, as usual. There was a runny-icing issue with “Happy”, so I had to go back over it. Oh well, Dan didn’t complain.


best friends


We did take one afternoon to visit our favorite place in California: Point Lobos. We took a picnic dinner and everything. We’ve turned a corner. Before, JD was always this exhausting baby that couldn’t climb anything and didn’t want to hold your hand. This time he was a completely different little person.

JD took my hand almost the entire time. His climbing skills were impressive. He had just napped, and he was a true joy to have along. I can’t tell you how exciting this is.


the expert hiker


Such a beautiful photo of these two!


always making it fun


There is nothing so satisfying to a little boy as throwing rocks in a puddle.


When they were younger, they could not keep up with us. These days we can’t keep up with them.


What’s not to love about Point Lobos? I will genuinely miss visiting these trails by the ocean.

IMG_1947 IMG_1949 IMG_1964 IMG_1976 IMG_1978 IMG_1984 IMG_1995 IMG_1998 IMG_2002 IMG_2014 IMG_2020




The weekend was so exhausting Daniel passed out on the couch.


I promise we did participate in Easter festivities. Here they are painting eggs.


Beautiful sidewalk art was created. (JD is obsessed with reciting his shapes. No, seriously. It’s adorable, and he totally gets the difference between an oval and a circle. He also calls stars “starfish”, which is the cutest thing ever.)



Funny Quote of the Day:

We filled out Dan’s “About Me” poster for preschool. I love his answers. They were all him. I just helped him with the writing.

What do you want to be when you grow up?  An ice cream man

Three things about yourself: 1. I like to talk. 2. I’m good at riding my bike. 3. I like video games.

I am a star because: I talk to people nicely.

I show others I care by: show God and being a friend. I like to talk to people.

****I could just eat him up with all his talkin’ to people.****

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Happy Easter! Happy Spring!

Acts 2:24
But God raised him from the dead, freeing him from the agony of death, because it was impossible for death to keep its hold on him.




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