Keeping Eyes on Daniel


My boys have recently gotten on a board game kick. JD, who is completely incapable of actually playing or understanding any of the games, is the one who started the phase. He is constantly asking to “play games.”

It’s 1/2 exciting because I think board games are a fantastic pastime. They are educational and team-building. I mean there are so many advantages! And it’s 1/2 groan-inducing, because, hello, we do still have a two-year-old.

Yesterday morning, JD started out his day by pulling down the Stacking Cups game, one that all four of them truly love.

The oldest two enjoy playing the game for the purposes for which it was intended. Daniel does too, but he also enjoys joining JD in his antics, which is exactly what happened.

First, Daniel tore up the box trying to open the wrong end of it. I swooped in half a minute too late and helped him, so at least he didn’t completely destroy the box…

Then Daniel and JD built “ice-cream cones” out of the cups. One after another. And they licked them, and licked them, and licked them. Oh, it gets worse. Then JD began throwing cups around the room, much like people throw candy out at parades.

I suppose you are wondering why I had not stopped all this cup licking and throwing sooner.  Well, I did. I tried, but I was again just not quite fast enough. I think I was doing laundry or one of the other billion tasks people expect homemakers to do while they simultaneously supervise and educate small children.


We have a lot of deja vu. (Joshua and Caleb wore these exact same costumes.)

So anyway. Cups ended up all over the place, and Caleb walked in and discovered this mischief. As chief owner and biggest Quick Cups fan, Caleb was not impressed. But thankfully, he is Caleb, so he very nonchalantly got down in the floor and started picking up all the cups. I made his roguish little brothers help him. (See, I do try.)

Caleb got the game all put away in the box. I was back to working on cooking in the kitchen, and Daniel walked in, looking seriously worried, and whining:

“Mom!!! Caleb said that he’s keeping eyes on me from now on.”

I laughed. I couldn’t help it. It was funny. He should actually be thankful that was all Caleb did or said.

“I don’t blame him, Daniel. Every time he turns around, you and John David are scattering or destroying his things. You deserve to have him keeping eyes on you.”

Caleb followed behind Daniel, staring him down. He kept that act up for a good while.

Poor Caleb. Two little brothers! And Joshua! Three of them! Haha!!  And as for keeping eyes on them to curb the mischief, good luck with that, Caleb. I’ve been trying that for 10 years now. As you can see, I’ve lost a lot of my resolve.


JD, sitting on a table, wearing tiny pants, blowing his whistle as hard as he can.

A Few Updates on Things I’ve Mentioned 

Today is the anticipated heart doc appointment. Hopefully, by the end of the day I’ll have a date set for my heart procedure. That’s where they go in and burn off the trouble-making cells in my ventricles. Should be a grand ol’ time. I’ll let ya know what I find out.

I’m still sticking to my goal of beginning and ending each day with Bible reading and prayer. I’ve kept up my journal too. There’s even a page dedicated to tracking my fevers, per my doctor’s request.

We have only one week of Classical Conversations left! Sad and exciting too! Joshua even has several lines that he will get to say at the closing ceremony.

We’re setting up for a fairly insane May and June. Alan and I have been discussing plans constantly, and it makes me feel excited. We’ve had entirely too much monotony and sadness around here lately anyway. We’d like to have a FUN spring and summer.

“Heaviness in the heart of man makes it stoop: but a good word makes it glad.”   Proverbs 12:25

“The righteous is delivered out of his trouble, and the wicked comes in his stead.”   Proverbs 11:8



  • Janet

    The cups game sounds really cute! I can’t imagine them getting a little rowdy while playing it…no more so than we get a little rowdy at family game time during the holidays! hahaha
    I love the picture of Daniel and J.D. in the Woody and Buzz Lightyear costumes. Too cute! Glad they can recycle those outfits. I’m glad (and a little surprised) that Caleb didn’t completely wear them out!
    Looking forward to seeing y’all next week!

  • Jen

    Ha! Keeping eyes on him. I think I am going to start saying that to my children. Yesterday Liese painted across her shirt with black water paints. I was cooking….Isn’t that how the story always goes 🙂
    Jen recently posted…The Happy Now Blog Link- Up # 3My Profile

  • So interesting. I know we had loads of similar situations, but for the life of me I can’t remember any, which is pretty cool.

    Your cup licking episode did have me laughing. Every day is a new adventure, you never know what to expect.. You are such a great mom. I appreciate so much your faithfulness.

    Hope all went well with your doctor’s appointment.

    God bless!
    Carl Wright recently posted…Happy Easter…..He IS RisenMy Profile

  • Very nice! You are honing your kids with so much activities other than digital technology. And, you got a good balance between laid back and strict. Letting them loose while teaching them the ways of the world when it’s time to do so. I loved reading the firm brotherly love. 😀