42 Beautiful Photos of Monterey, California

Janet took these beautiful photos of Monterey for us. These include the aquarium, the beach, a hotel, a farmer’s market (where we met some parrots), and Cannery Row.


JD contentedly held the parrot, until the bird owner said, “Show your mom. Where’s mom?”…..


…..Then JD looked up and realized I was gone. You can see the panic on his little face! I had slipped off to the car to get something.

Monterey photos

The Del Monte Hotel rose garden


A Joshua tree! These are not native to the area, but we were excited to see one since we do have a son named Joshua.


The hurricane-like winds made the family photo a lost cause.


It may look inviting, but the water is like 40 degrees, in my estimation, and quite full of sea life.


I love that Joshua is old enough now to read all the information at the aquarium and help his brothers too.


The itty bitty penguin habitat is Daniel’s favorite.




Leopard sharks, a native to Monterey Bay


Way back in the day, the sardine fishing and canning industry were big business in Monterey. So that’s why they call this street Cannery Row. There is no Canning going on here now, just tourism, shopping, and eating.

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Check back tomorrow! I’m planning to upload photos of 17 mile drive, a scenic route that hugs the coast from Pacific Grove to Carmel! Or maybe I’ll do the seal pup photos next…




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