Where to Find Cheap Food: A Comparison of Grocery Stores

where to find cheap groceries


Ever since we moved to the South, I’ve been on the hunt for the best grocery prices. I blogged about my findings and my favorite stores in my area over at Engaging WorkLife. I hope you’ll give it a read. I included some good grocery tips, and I hope you’ll share your money-saving ideas with me too. I’ve disabled comments here so you can show Engaging WorkLife some comment love.

where to find cheap groceries

Here’s a snippet:

“Eggs were 69 cents a carton. Milk was $1.79/gallon. Even organic milk was $2.99/half-gallon. That’s $2/half-gallon LESS than Walmart’s prices on organic milk.
Their produce prices were also swell, especially on bananas. They also had a nice selection of gluten-free and organic products, for a small store…”

Click here to find out what store I’m referring to and read the entire article.

Happy shopping!!



  • I love Aldi – the cheapest groceries I’ve found. It beats Walmart in prices. They have a small organics section and last January started requiring that companies that make their store brand products not use the top 6 pesticides linked to bee colony collapse. Don’t know if they have stores in your area. I don’t have Engaging Work Life here.