A Letter from the Civil War


We have managed to maintain a couple of old letters from the Civil War. Alan’s family has at least one, and my family does too. Yes, they are both confederate letters because our ancestors lived in Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama mostly.

I came across this one the other day. This letter was written by a confederate soldier on Alan’s side.

War letters offer serious historical value. I thought I’d share this letter for any of you who may be as interested in all things history as we are.

And here’s the challenge. Can you guess which battle happened right after this letter? This letter was written from the site of that famous battle. Look for context clues. Now, if you are family, and you’ve already read this and know the background, you may not guess.

Good luck!


Dear Brother,                                                                            April the 4th, 1863

After my best respects this will inform you that I am able to be up and about but not very well.  I am very hoarse and have been for over a month. I cannot speak above a whisper though I do hope nothing very serious that matters. And I do hope that this will find you and family enjoying good health.

I have nothing of interest to communicate to you. Our company is in very good health at this time, though some of the boys are complaining but all able to be up. We are moving about 5 miles above town in order to get a drill pound and they say better water.

I cannot tell you anything about war matters. At this place every thing seems quiet at this time though a short time since there was cannon thundering occasionally and sometimes tolerable heavy. Also, it was reported that the yankees were landing above here, but I have not heard anything about it since. I am slow to believe the report, for I do not think they will land. We are very well fortified at this place. And if we have to fight them, I had rather fight here than any place I have seen.

We are doing tolerably well at this time about eatables. We get plenty to do very well on though it has been a little scant. But if we continue to get as much as we have been getting we will not suffer bad.

We had a terrible storm here last Saturday night, the hardest that I ever experienced. There was one man in our Regiment that got his leg broke and 4 or 5 others hurt, but not serious. Also one man’s neck broke in the 36th Regt. Garsls. in the Tennessee Rgt. I suppose there was eight or ten killed by the timber.

Brother, I want you to write as often as convenient. I am very glad to get a letter from my friend or relative. Give my love and best respects to the ladies. Also, to all inquiring friends I will close hoping to hear from you soon.  Receive my respects. I am your most obedient and humble brother.

L.H. Brown Esqr.



He had beautiful handwriting. I’ll have to upload a photo of my photo-copy of the actual letter. Ha! To see the photo, check out my instagram page. I’ll get it up here soon too.

But for now, I’m off to go pick up the boys from school. They get upset if I’m late…

Oh! And if you know what battle it was, leave me a comment! Thanks! I’ll let you know if you got it right!


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