10 Truths about Parenting Toddlers and Preschoolers


A couple of months ago, I began working for Monterey Premier’s blog, Engaging WorkLife. This is an exciting opportunity for me that has the fingerprints of Heaven all over it. This job arrived exactly when I needed one.

So now sometimes my articles are over there instead of over here, but I will always post a link to let you know. Today’s is seriously worth reading. You will laugh, and you will nod. If you have kids or ever have had kids, you can relate to this one.

Here’s a snippet, from Truth #2:

Oh, and horrifyingly gross things will happen during potty training that you may never want to admit to a single soul. And that’s okay. But you should admit it to other toddler parents because your misery is hilarious to others. Even the perfect parents. You should tell the perfect parents, and gradually some of their less-than-perfect tales will start coming out too.

It’s funny. Go read it. Just click here.



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