Military Spouse of the Year Nomination

Me and Chanda

I have this friend who is always thinking of how she can help other people. You might know her as my neighbor who was always bringing us cake or veggies from her garden, when we lived in California. We love her. I mean, who wouldn’t? She is clearly awesome.

Chanda, Laura, Jill, Amy, and I supported each other through the grad school years. Such a fun crew!!

You see that fun group of gals in the above photo?? Well, Chanda nominated every single one of us for Military Spouse of the Year. Because Chanda is da bomb. Next year is Chanda’s year, and I bet she’ll actually win.

Of the four of us, only two of us accepted our nomination, from what I can find. That was Jill and me.

Here’s the funny thing about Military Spouse of the Year. Whoever wins deserves it. There’s not a military spouse in the world who doesn’t. We are all fighting so many of the same battles.

We have all sacrificed years of our lives. We have all watched our children sacrifice time with their mom or dad. We know what it is to deeply miss someone and to live in fear of that visit from the military personnel to tell you your hubby won’t be coming home. We have whole years of our lives documented in letters to and from war.

2nd Iraq Deployment. A 15 month assignment


And I bet most of us know the basics of how to fix a toilet, mow the grass (except for me really on that grass part…), and coordinate a cross-country move.

It’s a nitty-gritty job, so I feel funny asking ANY of my fellow military wives to vote for me. They are all doing the same things I’m doing.

Sure, I’ve been involved and given back by supporting fellow military families, but so have all military wives that I know. We all do that. We do it in our own unique way using our own talents, but not one of us is an island.

Anyway. I say all that to tell you that yes, I am nominated, I’m the only one from our particular base that is nominated.

Voting is over now, but thank you to all who voted!

As always, thank you for your support. Voting ends Feb. 9th. Everyone in America gets one vote.