My Fascination with Wedding Dresses

My Fascination with Wedding Dresses

My Wedding Dress…..and the Kiss the Bride moment. Yes, this is a photo of a photo. It was 2002.

Wedding dresses. I won’t say I’m obsessed because I don’t think about them ALL the time. I would say I’m fascinated with wedding dresses. 

Pretty often I find myself headed over to Kohl’s (because I actually am obsessed with Kohl’s). Do you know what is super close to Kohl’s in my town?

David’s Bridal.

I pass it, and I want to go in. I want to go in, and try on all the dresses.

And it’s an unrequited love. You can’t just go into David’s Bridal and try on wedding dresses when you have no intention of buying one. That’d be a good way to tick off some sales ladies.

I don’t want to buy one. I have no use for one.

I just want to drool over them, try 10 or so of them on, and feel like the Queen of the Day. Is that so wrong?

I can’t just put on my own wedding dress. There was that unfortunate incident. We talked about that here. My mom and I lost our wedding dresses in the same fire.

Even if my dress hadn’t died (and yes, okay, wedding dresses are special enough to die), I would not be able to fit it. The thing was tiny. Shake my head. I was obviously not finished growing yet.

Even if I did have a reason to buy another one, for say a 25th wedding anniversary vow renewal or something, I wouldn’t want to. Have you seen how much they cost now? It’s insane! I paid $450 for mine, before alterations, way back in the day.

Why would anyone pay $5,000 for a big white dress to wear one day, when that could pay for a whole Disney vacation? (for 2 people) No, thanks. (especially considering I’m already happily married…)

And yet, I still just want to look at them and wear them. I love to watch Say Yes to the Dress. Over and over. (You should see the boys’ confused looking faces. “Why are we watching this? Why is she crying?”)

Yes, I enjoy that show. Sometimes I even CRY at that show. Is it ridiculous? Yeah. yeah. I can’t explain it.

My Fascination with Wedding Dresses

my cousin, Amber, with her groom, Cale, so beautiful and happy

My Fascination with Wedding Dresses

Family friend, Sarah. Do you remember the girls who used to help with the boys for days while Alan was in Afghanistan? They grew up!

So, I just want to say, for the record, my name is April, and I love wedding dresses. I love to watch shows about them, drool over them in bridal magazines, and I day-dream about wearing them.

Who’s with me in my wedding gown love? Anybody?




  • Jen

    And you have 4 boys! Those soon to be daughter in law’s someday in the future are going to be so lucky to have you hitting the stores with them 🙂
    Jen recently posted…Unicorns, Rainbows and the BEST Bean Salad Ever!My Profile

  • Hi April, how sad that you lost your wedding dress! Especially with your fascination with wedding dresses. I never had the pleasure of visiting a bridal gown shop as I had my dress handmade by a friend and to be honest the thought of shopping for a dress was overwhelming. I think it’s sweet that you cry over a wedding dress show, it shows a really soft side…. Here’s an idea – maybe you could open your own bridal wear shop aimed at ladies who are fascinated by bridal gowns? I bet you’d be surprised by how many people would come and try the dresses on just for fun.

    Thank you for linking up with the #MMBC.

    Debbie Roberts recently posted…That Summer FeelingMy Profile

    • Haha Thanks Debbie! I’m actually crying at the stories and excitement of the bride. They always play that music that doesn’t help, and there are cancer survivors and such. In telling you, Say Yes to the Dress will get ya. Lol

  • You’re not alone because there are entire shows dedicated to this! Now I want to watch some. My dress wasn’t $5,000 but I can’t remember it being too bad. I think it was $799. And I loved it! It was insane around my waist. And pure white! I’m not an off-white girl.
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  • I used to be obsessed with wedding dresses but backed off because I was nowhere close to getting married and I didn’t want to be “that girl” I can’t wait when it’s finally time for me to wear one, I know it will happen on day soon. I would not by $500 for a big white dress heck no! $450 is more my speed. Say yes to the dress always touches my heart. I have the tissue handy whenever it’s on. Love your little confession at the end April. It made me laugh.

  • Aww – beautiful brides! Your dress looked gorgeous!

    I paid about $450 (including alterations) for my dress too. I could never justify going beyond that for a dress. It’s one day! I haven’t tried on my dress, but I know I wouldn’t fit it. I’ve gained 15 lbs since I married my hubby 10 years ago.

    I’m with you though… I’ve fascinated by wedding dresses too.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom recently posted…How This One Amazing Secret Can Revolutionize Your ParentingMy Profile

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