10 Reasons Why We Don’t Have a Dog

When we were moving from California to Georgia last year, I actually entertained the idea. That was mostly because Daniel kept asking if each prospective house “had room for his dog.” It started to melt my cold, cold, hard dog-disliking heart for a bit there.

But Alan quickly came to the rescue with a firm, “No, Daniel, we aren’t getting a dog. We don’t have room, time, or desire enough for a dog. We move too much, and when we go on vacation, what would we do about the dog? No, it just doesn’t work. It’s not time for a dog yet.”

The dogs in these photos are both types of poodles. If we ever got a dog, which we won’t, we’d get a poodle, I guess.

We don’t do dogs. The boys’ grandparents just got a new dog, and the way that it has taken over their lives is actually a prime example of why we don’t have one. ha!

This dog belongs to our friends.

10 Reasons Why We Don't have a Dog

#1–And this is the biggest and most truthful reason—No one is really even asking us for a dog. No one has begged or pleaded at all, no one is drawing pictures of dogs, buying stuffed animal dogs, or mentioning them in their prayers. Not a single boy actually seems to care that we don’t have one. So phew! No pressure is reason numero uno.


#2. They poop.

a lot. And people expect you to clean it up, and that’s just gross. Touching poop is gross. I’m so done with that phase of life.

#3. They pee.

…and sometimes they do that in your house, and again, you have to clean it up. I am finally at a place where all of my little humans are toilet trained, so why would I go back to that?

#4. I’m sorry, but unless they look like a puppy their whole life, like the one in the photo below, they aren’t even cute.

Sorry, I know half of you hate me now, but I’m just saying. Dogs aren’t cute to me.

Okay, granted, that one is cute, but most of them aren’t.

#5. We move every 2-3 years, which is much more difficult to do with a pet along.

Hotels, car trips, planes, waiting, house hunting. This is not a dog-friendly life style.

#6. The 1st year we live in a place, we are basically friendless, so we don’t even have anyone to dog sit for us on vacations.

Okay, yes, there are kennels. I know that, but this article is about why not, not about being positive and finding a way. hehehe

#7. They stink.

Well, they do!

#8. They lick me, and I don’t like that.

#9. Unless they are trained, they jump on you with their muddy yucky paws. 

And I certainly do not have time to train some smelly dog.

#10. And in spite of all of it, if they ever put out a concerted effort to beg us to get a dog, I’d get them one, okay. 

See, I do have a heart, but it’s coupled with a great deal of practicality, and dogs are simply not practical. They don’t even provide a service. At least cats do eat mice and things. Well, some cats do. No, we don’t have a cat either. For good reason. That would be a rather similar list. Just add allergies and ‘litter box’ to this one.


This may be one of those posts that makes me more enemies than friends. But, y’all!!! I have to remind myself of ALLLLLL these reasons when I see how cute my little boys are when they play with these puppies. I will re-read this post every time the boys visit Bella (the cute puppy in the photos), to remind myself why we don’t have one!!





  • Jen

    Oh we love our Eddie! He is like the best dog EVER, but since he’s ours, I can see why you might not want to get a not Eddie 🙂
    Jen recently posted…Tips To Be A Sideline Hero: Save, Snack, Score!My Profile

  • I fully agree with every reason listed. The kids are asking for a cat right now. I am more tolerant, but I am encouraging them to fulfill current responsibilities before an animal comes into the home.

  • Yes. That’s a whole other reason. I have to know I’m not going to be the one responsible for said animal, and I don’t believe I wouldn’t be.
    aprilmomoffour recently posted…10 Reasons Why We Don’t Have a DogMy Profile

  • McMom

    I had a few more to add:
    Reason #11 – It makes visits to see the grandparents even more special. The novelty and all.
    Reason #12 – They bark. And bark. And bark. Neighbors do NOT like this.
    Reason #13 – The deter visitors in your home. (But sometimes that is a plus, I suppose.)
    Reason #14 – Expensive! Shots, vet visits, grooming, food, toys. The optional dog clothes and training schools. It’s like a child minus the college fund.
    Reason #15 – You have to “wear them out” for them to sleep well. Insert another dependent into the mix. We all know this results in the mama being even more tired.
    Reason #16 – Poop. I know it’s been mentioned, but I think that one deserves at least two spots on the list.

    I hope my kids never put the pressure on us for one – because that can be HEAVY pressure! Ugh.

    • BAHAHAhA!!! I posted this with hesitance, that nobody would appreciate my opinion on this one. Lol But you have even thought of more, extremely valid, reasons!!! I love it.

  • Opinionated Man

    All good reasons!

  • Hi April, your post did make me laugh as we have five dogs, so it’s safe to say we are dog lovers! That’s one of the downfalls of living in a place where dogs are regularly dumped and there are no animal sanctuaries! I much prefer older dogs than puppies, puppies are cute, but so much hard work. Once a dog has passed the puppy stage they should be plenty old enough to know where to go to the toilet and my son is in charge of pooper scopping. Having to walk them is a positive as it gets us out of the house and they listen far better than anyone else in the family… Oh, except for Alphie, who we think has a low IQ!

    Thank you for linking up with the #MMBC and for giving me a giggle.

    Debbie Roberts recently posted…Monday Morning Blog Club 15/05/17My Profile

    • FIVE!!??? Well, thank God for your son. I guess when we ever do get one, that will be my mission too. Whoever begs the loudest for us to get a dog will be our pooper scooper. When i was a child, we lived on a county road in the country. Back then, there were constant strays and their puppies to tend to to, and I will admit that I loved that. But that was childhood, April, and in the country, back in the 80s, no one scooped poop. Thanks, Debbie!

  • This made me lol! But, yeah, you’re crazy! Dogs are the best! Our dog basically thinks she is our 5th child. She is huge, and will crawl on our laps. But what made me laugh the most is you could easily change the name of this article to 10 reasons I will never have kids, and most of your reasons would still fit. 😉 (Since I don’t know you, I feel obligated to say- I love my kids, all 4 of them, even if they pee and poop, and jump on me with muddy paws. I also think they’re cute!)
    Lorrin @ embracetheperfectmess.com recently posted…50 things to do with kids in the summerMy Profile

    • I was wondering when a dog lover was going to show up and roll their eyes at me. Ha! I haven’t found a dog yet that I love enough to do all these things for. Babies, I adore, but dogs…well, you know, you read my list. But I have all the respect for the dog lovers. I do realize I’m the odd one on this.

  • Ha! You are so on the road to changing your mind. I can see it. I give you three, four years and you will be posting up photos of a cute puppy and discussing names with the boys. I wouldn’t be without our dogs. They do get me out and about. I’ve met so many people through them. You’d soon meet new people when you moved, if you had a dog. It is just a matter of time. #MMBC
    Cheryl | TimeToCraft recently posted…Morning walkMy Profile

  • It’s funny because when you get them as a puppy, they sort of always look that way to you. Like how we always think our kids are adorable! But when they grow up, other people might not find them as charming as we do!
    Athena is cute, right? She’s three now so a full-fledged adult!!
    She smells good too, but I think that’s more rare.
    Tamara recently posted…Unicorn Rice Krispies TreatsMy Profile

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