When Alan First Deployed: My New Friends at 9-1-1

Real Army Wives Series. When Alan first deployed: My New Friends at 911. funny and sad stories of young army bride

******This is the 11th chapter in the series The Real Army Wives, stories from a young military bride from the beginning of Operation Iraqi Freedom, 2003.******

I tell you this particular chapter with hesitation and humility. It’s an embarrassing story, but at the time, this was my reality. I hope you can laugh with me now, and rest assured that I am not normally this paranoid. I promise.

When Alan first deployed, it was suddenly like….cue the sound of crickets. » Read more

Shock and Awe, March 22, 2003

The Last Visit

For a few minutes there, people began to joke that the 4th Infantry Division was never actually leaving for Iraq. By the first of March of 2003, the whole division was still waiting, and the other division in town, the 1st Cavalry Division, had orders as well. Some of the 1st Cav guys began to joke that the 1st Cav would beat the 4th ID to the punch after all. » Read more

Deployment Prep: Next Week for Sure We’ll Be Flying to Kuwait

Deployment Prep: Next Week for Sure We'll Be Flying to Kuwait. Our story of waiting for deployment. Fort Hood, Texas, 2003

Deployment Prep: Next Week for Sure We'll Be Flying to Kuwait

*****This post is the 10th in the series The Real Army Wives of 2003the true story of our young military marriage and the friends we made in the beginning of the War on Terrorism.*****

The old BDUs were worn right up until they deployed. Notice the boxes in the background. There was so much going on.

Alan reported to work. We were so nervous and excited to begin his military career. Everything up to this point was training; now it was time for the real action to begin.

He found his unit in a fury of battle preparing. Much of the gear and vehicles needed for combat were already loaded up on trains and shipped to the docks, and the war was yet to begin.

The 4th Infantry Division was drawing up plans to enter Iraq from Turkey, but of course, all of that was thwarted once Turkey denied us access.

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