My Fascination with Wedding Dresses

My Fascination with Wedding Dresses

My Wedding Dress…..and the Kiss the Bride moment. Yes, this is a photo of a photo. It was 2002.

Wedding dresses. I won’t say I’m obsessed because I don’t think about them ALL the time. I would say I’m fascinated with wedding dresses. 

Pretty often I find myself headed over to Kohl’s (because I actually am obsessed with Kohl’s). Do you know what is super close to Kohl’s in my town?

David’s Bridal.

I pass it, and I want to go in. I want to go in, and try on all the dresses.

And it’s an unrequited love. You can’t just go into David’s Bridal and try on wedding dresses when you have no intention of buying one. That’d be a good way to tick off some sales ladies.

I don’t want to buy one. I have no use for one.

I just want to drool over them, try 10 or so of them on, and feel like the Queen of the Day. Is that so wrong?

I can’t just put on my own wedding dress. There was that unfortunate incident. We talked about that here. My mom and I lost our wedding dresses in the same fire.

Even if my dress hadn’t died (and yes, okay, wedding dresses are special enough to die), I would not be able to fit it. The thing was tiny. Shake my head. I was obviously not finished growing yet.

Even if I did have a reason to buy another one, for say a 25th wedding anniversary vow renewal or something, I wouldn’t want to. Have you seen how much they cost now? It’s insane! I paid $450 for mine, before alterations, way back in the day.

Why would anyone pay $5,000 for a big white dress to wear one day, when that could pay for a whole Disney vacation? (for 2 people) No, thanks. (especially considering I’m already happily married…)

And yet, I still just want to look at them and wear them. I love to watch Say Yes to the Dress. Over and over. (You should see the boys’ confused looking faces. “Why are we watching this? Why is she crying?”)

Yes, I enjoy that show. Sometimes I even CRY at that show. Is it ridiculous? Yeah. yeah. I can’t explain it.

My Fascination with Wedding Dresses

my cousin, Amber, with her groom, Cale, so beautiful and happy

My Fascination with Wedding Dresses

Family friend, Sarah. Do you remember the girls who used to help with the boys for days while Alan was in Afghanistan? They grew up!

So, I just want to say, for the record, my name is April, and I love wedding dresses. I love to watch shows about them, drool over them in bridal magazines, and I day-dream about wearing them.

Who’s with me in my wedding gown love? Anybody?


My Cloak of Protection

Can you tell which baby is which??
There are 2 here that I think could pass for twins!
  I just came home from my yoga class, and I was telling Alan that I’d love to get a post up on my blog tonight, but there are just a couple of problems:  
1.  I’m too sleepy to be very creative.  
2.  I have several blog posts in the works that need more work than I can muster in order for them to be internet-ready.
  Alan suggested that I do a guess- which- kid- is- which-post because those are his favorite, so here ya go!
Something more sophisticated to come soon!  But for now, you guys have gotta try if you haven’t yet.  I can really spend a lot of time on their photo editor!
Quote of the Week:
I was putting Caleb to bed the other night, and it was cool in the house, so I was wearing my giant, warm and fuzzy house robe.  It’s all white and fuzzy and warm and I love it.  
  Caleb said, “Why are you wearing that?  I hate it when you wear that.”
  Me:  What!  My house coat! It keeps me all warm.  Why don’t you like it?
  Caleb:  I just don’t, and Joshua doesn’t like it either.
  Me:  Huh.  Well, that’s funny because your daddy doesn’t like it either….but it sure does keep me warm when I’m cold, so for now, I’m keepin’ it.
  That’s hilarious because Alan bought me that robe our very first Christmas together.  He says he “rues that day” now.  Apparently, it’s a very dowdy thing to wear because Alan calls it my “cloak of protection.”  Sometimes, I come down the stairs wearing it, and Alan looks up from his coffee, and sighs, “Ah, yes, the cloak of protection.”  
  Hey, I figure after giving birth four times in seven years, I have earned this cloak.  ; )
Come on, now.  Is it really that bad??
Answers to “which baby is which” are posted on my facebook page:

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