Change of Plans!!

I guess it looks a little funny that we only lit up the bottom right portion of our house.  This is how much Christmas we are feeling this year.  ; )
(Actually, I helped with none of it, so I am just thankful to have some lights…)
  Okay so the last five days or so have been pretty wild around here.  Not a dull moment.  The weekend was harmless enough, until Saturday night.  We came home around 8pm to discover that my parents had tried to call all of our phones.  Hmmm.
  I called them back as soon as we had all the kids put to bed, and it turns out they were calling to tell me that my Granny died.  
  Granny was 100 years old.  She lived a full life and had finally reached the point that she was ready to go.  She told my mom a few months ago, “I’m ready to go see Jesus!”  When you  know someone is reaching the end of their years, that’s actually a very reassuring thing to hear.  I’m glad she was able to go peacefully at the end.  
  We think either her heart just stopped beating or she had a heart attack, but all of a sudden, she just breathed her last.  
   Granny did the amazing, in that she lived to see SIX of her great-great-grandchildren.  I’m so thankful   my boys got to meet her.  
Granny, as I remember her, around 80 years old.  She lived in her own home, which her husband built, I believe in the early 1950s, until around age 97.
I’m going to wait until the funeral, when I can gather more info and pictures to do a full post on Granny.  A great lady like her, who meant so much to us, deserves a full post.  
Other random things that have been going on…..I’ve gotta get these photos out here before I fill my camera back up with Christmas stuff!!!
Caleb has been playing doctor lately.  This is his doctor kit:  honey, two syringes, a corn dog stick, and a spoon.

…and this is the work Caleb did on Tails.  That would be two bandaged knees and a tail cast.

 Last week it snowed and then snowed again, and it doesn’t take a lot of snow to create sledding opportunities in our little area of the neighborhood.  Jacob turned out to have the best hill, and they spent hours on it, but first they wore out our yard and Amy’s yard!

What baby doesn’t love FEET!?

 It’s like a giant ball of little boys.
Apparently, having a few brothers is a lot of fun.
  And now we have changed ALL of our plans, Christmas and travel, to be able to go to Granny’s funeral.  It’s important to me to be there.  
  I have been a packing, gift wrapping, baking fool!  We’re working “double time” here!
  Merry Christmas, y’all!  Remember to hug all of those you love tightly this Christmas.  You never know whether or not you will get to see them again.