Cyber Monday Gratitude GIVEAWAY!!!!!


How’s everyone’s Cyber Monday going? Ours was great. We did no shopping, but I did go to my cardio aqua-therapy class!!  So fun and invigorating!

This giveaway is for two packs of fill-in-the-blank notes from Lil’ Miss Gratitude!!  One of your packs will be thank-yous, and the other pack will either be birthday cards or “Hello” cards.

The front of the cards come blank so your kids color the front, or you can also send them out uncolored! These are appropriate for ALL AGES of kids.

I colored this one!

No more tears! A solution for kids' thank you notes

My boys colored this one. Creative.

These are an awesome way to get your kids expressing gratitude, brightening someone else’s day, and all without the whining and fussing.

Here’s a sample of a completed card:

Sample of a “hello” card that we used as a thank you note.

Joshua needed to write about 12 thank you notes after his birthday party, and when he saw these fill-in-the-blank cards, he was so relieved, he ACTUALLY SAID, “Oh, phew. Thank you, Mom. Thank you so much for these. This makes it so much easier.”

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I wish you could all win! Merry Christmas!!!!

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Global Warming, Honest Abe, and the Best Month Ever


You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.

November is quite possibly my favorite month of the year. Why? It all boils down to 2 primary reasons.

#1. It is not SUPPOSED to be 90 degrees anymore. I’d do anything to get these temps turned down. ARE humans causing global warming? I don’t know. I don’t care anymore. If there’s a chance it might work, here, take my car keys……. Wait……. Does that mean I have to home  school again? No, never mind. You can have my electricity, but I am going to have to insist on driving my kids to school. The gas guzzling minivan actually does take precedence over global warming after all. Sorry, y’all.

But seriously, bring on the blue jeans weather!!! And leggings! And boots!


fun times spent with family


It’s so refreshing to be nearer to our peeps.

#2. Low maintenance holiday.

Yes, it is. Eat with friends or family. Share the cooking responsibilities. No one has to buy presents. We don’t have to take out any loans. Just be thankful.

And you know who invented Thanksgiving??

Why, President Abraham Lincoln, of course!!  Not making that up. I read about Lincoln all the time. I never thought about presidents of years past until we moved to Washington, D.C. Plus, Caleb adored Lincoln, and it rubbed off on me, sort of like Joshua’s fascination with animals. I love the way my children have changed me!

“…I do therefore invite my fellow citizens in every part of the United States, and also those who are at sea and those who are sojourning in foreign lands, to set apart and observe the last Thursday of November next, as a day of Thanksgiving and Praise to our beneficent Father who dwelleth in the Heavens. And I recommend to them that while offering up the ascriptions justly due to Him for such singular deliverances and blessings, they do also, with humble penitence for our national perverseness and disobedience, commend to His tender care all those who have become widows, orphans, mourners or sufferers in the lamentable civil strife in which we are unavoidably engaged, and fervently implore the interposition of the Almighty Hand to heal the wounds of the nation and to restore it as soon as may be consistent with the Divine purposes to the full enjoyment of peace, harmony, tranquillity and Union.

In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the Seal of the United States to be affixed….”     –President Lincoln, Oct. 3, 1863

You have to love a man who was called “Honest Abe” even while he was still alive. He was greatly loved and equally hated in his own time.

In fact, in our current political system, he would have never been the Republican nominee. How do I know? Because he was elected at the convention, not from the sort of primary system we have now. Nope. The delegates at the Republican convention put in a first ballot, and the person with the most votes was Seward. William Henry Seward. He became President Lincoln’s right hand man, but at the convention it was Seward who won the first round of ballots.

The delegates then haggled and regrouped and voted again and again, allowing the delegates to switch their support. Lincoln won on the third ballot.

Funny how differently it was run back then, isn’t it? I dare say we would have a different nominee if that old system were still in place, actually.

I’m thankful it was Lincoln that won on that third ballot.

I heard in a video on the internet the other day a cartoon character remark that Thanksgiving is not a religious holiday. Ugh. Wrong. Of course, it IS. It was ALWAYS meant to be. You want a non-religious holiday?? You have Halloween, which is not a bad holiday. It is a time when we come together and fellowship with our neighbors, something we could also use a little more of.


People often cite how terribly divided our country is right now, but remember, it is not “the most divided it has ever been.” We aren’t having a Civil War, now are we?

Be thankful! Give thanks to our beneficent Father!!!

I could go on and on about Lincoln, because he was wonderful, but I’ll save that for another post. Today I just want to wish you a happy fall, remind you to enter my giveaway (because I love to give good things to my friends and readers), and encourage you to pray for our country, just as President Lincoln asked us to so many years ago.

Will you vote this year? I know. These choices are so unpopular. So unpopular I’d be embarrassed to endorse either of them. But it is our civic duty to vote and even more so to pray.


God bless! And bring out the turkeys!!!  🙂


Win a brand new cutting board!!!

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3 Fall Funnies and a NEW Giveaway for Your Kitchen!

3 Fall Funnies and a new giveaway for your kitchen

I love it when I get to try out products! You’ll love this cutting board, and you might even score a FREE one!!

It was an exciting weekend here, so I have FUNNY stuff to share today.

3 Fall Funnies and a new giveaway for your kitchen

The sad thing is the messy ones were arranged by yours truly.

I thought this photo well captured the key difference between Daniel and me. Look at how neat his memory tiles are. Look at mine. He clearly got a few things from his father.


Found this on my walk. I think it’s the true home of the Berenstain Bears!!!!


I had my picture made with my snake-killing weapon.



John David insisted on bringing all the pumpkins inside.

Looks sweet, right? You’d never know that 30 minutes before he cried all the way through Target until I cried uncle and went home. *Groannnnnn.*



That one relative at gatherings that says shocking things. I hope you all have that one relative.

Hehehe! No, I’m just kidding. I have no idea what was said here, but I thought this photo was funny.


Now for even more FUN AND EXCITEMENT!! I have a brand new giveaway!!!


And this is one we can ALL use!! A bamboo cutting board with silicone edges. Lime green!



Putting mine to good use

I like the fact that a bamboo cutting board is easier on your knives, and I am a real sucker for the cute lime green handles.  I’ve enjoyed using this.

I also love that this is a family business. These boards were created by a mom who wanted a bamboo cutting board that would not mold, so she added the silicone edges to prevent that and created her own business.

You can order your own here:


img_3984 img_3985


So what are you waiting for? Log in and click one of the option tabs below to enter the giveaway.

*****No one gets your email address other than me, and I will only use it for notifications regarding the giveaway.*****

I’ll announce the winner in a week!

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