Goals for my Future


Who knew I would ever be so excited about a label maker?   I have big plans for this thing.

Alan also got me this beautiful necklace.  Love it!

This past week I turned 33.    That makes me stop and ask, “Am I where I wanted to be at 33?”

Yes,  definitely,  plus some!  I never counted on having all these blessings,  and to top it all off,  I have way more direction and goals than I had 10 years ago.   Gosh,  ten years ago,  I was an unemployed,  graduate school drop out.   Wait,  no,  I was still in graduate school,  working towards a Masters in counseling.   It just didn’t feel right though. How could a 23 year old counsel other people?   I decided to keep searching.

By 24, I was a pregnant Mary Kay lady and bank employee,  happily planning my life as a stay at home mom.   I couldn’t wait!   What a privilege to get to stay home with my babies!

Gracious!   Who knew I would end up with so many babies?   Ha!   I haven’t really learned how to handle this many without sleep depriving myself.   I should really be sleeping right now,  but eh!   I just love blogging so much.   🙂   I’ve kept a journal,  much like this,  since I turned 8, so I have trouble going to sleep if I skip it for too many days.   It truly is a deeply ingrained habit!

I had a great birthday.   Alan had to work late,  but at least we have fun plans for this weekend.  You should have seen me at the bar of my favorite BBQ place tonight,  with all 4 boys,  waiting to pick up my take-out order.

By golly,  it was my birthday,  and I was determined to have pulled pork nachos!   Ha!  The boys loved the waiting.  *sarcasm*

I glanced over at Joshua and said,  “Joshua,  put that knife down!” Caleb replied,  in Joshua’s defense,  ” Well, he’s just protecting us against strangers! ”  I secured the knife,  and Daniel said,  “I gotta go woo woo. ”

Right.   This is why I don’t leave the house.

The best part of my birthday was just doing my job,  hanging out with my littles all day.



We made crafts and baked cookies.   These two are a lot of fun.   Now I know I’ve been known to proclaim that I hate crafts.   I really just hate complicated crafts.   I love easy crafts for kids.   You will still never catch me with a sewing machine,  an exacto knife,  or power tools,  though.

I think crafts are important for small children.   Daniel learned a lot about gluing and planning a project by making this little foam monster,  and it gave him that sense of pride you get from a job well done.   After the monster craft,  I set him up at the table with scissors,  paper,  airplane pictures,  and a glue stick.  He was SO happy.  He kept bringing me paper that he had cut,  with a giant,  proud smile on his face.


So this got me thinking.   Where do I want to go from here?   What are my next big goals?

Glad you asked!  ; )

1.  Write at least 1 children’s book.

2.  Write at least one grown up book.

3.  Try not to get pregnant.

4.  Remember to enjoy my children while they are young.

5.  Keep reading my Bible.

6. Pray way way more.

7.  Be a better wife.

There.  I think 7 broad goals is a good place to start.   Gotta keep the main thing the main thing!

Thanks for all the birthday wishes.   It was great,  and now I’m going to work on today’s big goal:  get more sleep.   I think It will solve many of my so called problems.

See to it you complete the work you have in the Lord.         Colossians 4:17

Joshua, the Super Bowl, and the skateboard trampoline trick

Today marks the very first time, in our 11 years of marriage, that our family is watching the Super Bowl.  
  Why are we doing this?
   Joshua learned about it at school, and he decided that it’s a really important thing for us to do.  He has begged us all week to let him watch the ENTIRE Super Bowl tonight.  He’s been rather insistent. 
  Weird.   He’s never shown interest in watching sports before.  
Good news!  His team is winning.  I really thought he’d be “watching” it by walking around the house doing everything but watching it, but actually he is watching the whole game.  Very surprising.
  This was one of those weekends where you go from one event to the next event to the next event, so we didn’t really get any rest or accomplish anything.    We did get to spend time with good friends, though, so that’s always great.
  “The Great Clean Out” has been on hold.  First, there was snow week.  Then this week JD was sick, and the boys were out of school yet again.
  Meanwhile, the kids have pretty much restored the basement to disorder.  Hopefully, we will get that put back together during the next commercial break.   Joshua turned two different giant rubbermaid bins upside down to create a “table tennis” table.  All three boys have been playing ping-pong a LOT.
  When Crystal Paine (author of the book that inspired my “Great Clean Out”) said that you should hire a babysitter to get this done, she was not kidding.  At this rate, the clean out will take me a year or two. Ugh.
  Seahawks just got another touch down.  Joshua is celebrating.
 These two are getting to be really cute buddies already.  
Yesterday I was feeding the baby, and Dan, attempting to climb up in my lap, said, “Oooh.  Baby’s milk?”
  I said, “Yes, he’s drinking milk from me.”
  Dan replied, “his coffee??”
  Haaa!  It does contain a percentage of coffee, Dan, good observation…..
  Then Daniel asked, with his mouth open WIDE like a bird, “Me try??”
  Nooooo, Dan.  No, no.  I don’t breastfeed almost-three-year-olds!

The bigger boys are doing great too, and Joshua continues to improve at basketball.  It’s his favorite sport to play.  Kids’ sports take up a significant amount of time, so we have a new rule that if you want to play a sport on a team, you have to prove how much you love it by practicing it at home.  If we see that you are practicing hard for a sport, then we will consider signing you up for it.
Caleb is determined to play soccer again.
Last year he could have been on the standing- there- team, so we are really making him prove it.

Joshua has no interest in spring sports, so he is jumping, care-free, on the trampoline.
Tonight, before the Super Bowl started, I looked out my window and saw Joshua…..on a skateboard, jumping on the trampoline.  The skateboard actually seemed to stay under his feet with each jump.  It was all rather odd.  Being the boy mom that I am,  I just took a pic and let him carry on.  Thankful for safety nets!!!

Shout out to my friend MABBY for scoring me a baby bath chair as well as a bag of his size baby clothes!  THANK YOU, MABBY!!!  They were so happy to get to take a bath together!

 Caleb and JD:  reading buddies.  Those books are super easy, so Caleb reads them over and over again.  I have to constantly convince him to try new books.

I just thought these were so sweet, I couldn’t pick just one to share!!
This Week’s Goals:
1.  Great Clean Out Project:  Go through each cabinet and drawer of the kitchen!
2.  Call Jamie to ask her questions about home-schooling with babies around.   (just in case we go that route)   Done!
3.  Finish reading How to Blog for Profit (Without Selling Your Soul) by Ruth Soukup
4.  Get 2 loads of laundry done/day.
5.  Line up childcare for my upcoming Alabama trip.  I’m going to see a certain new baby as well as visit my parents!!
6.  30 minutes of exercise each day.  I have got to get back on track!!!
7.   Reading the Bible Through in a Year.  (I’ve done this a few different times since I started really reading my Bible around age 13.  I highly recommend it.  I love knowing what the Bible really says, rather than just listening to what others will tell you it says.)
  This week:  Leviticus…..bleh…..
8.  Convince JD that sippy cups are his friend.
9.  Cook supper every night!!
Go Seahawks!

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