Motherhood: The Job That Never Ends.


Alan and I with both sets of our parents, at our engagement party. 2002


Right at this very moment, the baby is asleep upstairs, and Alan took all of the other boys with him to the store.  I know what they’re doing.  They are picking out my Mother’s Day present.  Isn’t Mother’s Day sort of embarrassing–as a mom, I mean?  So much attention.  Why is attention embarrassing?  I don’t know, but it all makes me feel a little squirmy.  I’m so not good at mushy moments.

But good at them or not, mushy moments are important, extremely important.  I am dedicating this whole week on the blog to mushy moments.  It’s all going to be so embarrassing!!

So let’s get MUSHY!!!  Let’s talk about moms.  It truly is the job that never ends.

You know you’re in for a good, cry-it-out Disney movie, when they start it off by killing off the mom.  OH, the AGONY!!  Why must they do this?

They do that because it’s about the worst possible thing that could happen!  We love our moms because of how much they love us.  We need our moms, and we never, ever grow out of that, or get to a place where we no longer wish they were near. Who else can we call up and just tell what we’re cooking for dinner that night–as if it’s news.  Who else cares when your baby cuts a tooth or there’s something weird going on with your fingernails? Who else will rejoice just as loudly as you rejoice over every little victory in your life? And it really must be mentioned–who spent the first two years of your life wiping your bottom and worrying about the consistency of your poop??  You know it’s true.

Okay, I said who else, but I realize that dads are wonderful too.  We’ll talk about you guys in June. ; )

Right now I am back in a place, yet again, where I literally NEED my mom.  Sometimes we just call her up and tell her to book a plane ticket. With four small children, we need another mom around to kiss little boo-boos and put away laundry.  Laundry.  So unromantic, huh?  But I’m sorry, it needs to be said. Clean laundry is just as important as food in the fridge!



That’s my mom, cooking dinner for us.  She has come and served our crazy family after three different births–all except Daniel. For that one, we were temporarily living at Alan’s parents’ house. And as you can see, she does it with a smile.  Thanks, Mom!!! We could not take care of these four healthy little boys without you!


And it’s not just my mom!  I would be waaaaay remiss to stop there.  We have TWO amazing mommas.  Alan’s mom came and made JD her one job on the weekend that Alan’s grandparents visited.  She taught JD to drink milk from a bottle, and I will never forget it.

Mothers are amazing, aren’t they?  I can’t believe I get to be a momma too.  It’s such a blessing. Of course, you never truly appreciate your momma until you have children of your own.  Then you suddenly get it.  “Ohhhh!  This is why she cares so much!”  The love you have for your children is simply indescribable!

And one day there will come a time when it is our job to take care of our mothers.  No one can stay young forever.  I want you both to know that it will be nothing more than a privilege to look over you as you age. I only hope that we can give back to you even a portion of the wonderful love that you have given to us, our siblings, and our children.

Thank you so much for showing us how to love, loving us when we were at our worst, caring for me after 2 c-sections, praying for Alan through three l-o-n-g overseas deployments, and always being there when we need a break from our own children!!  Ya’ll are the PERFECT military parents and grandparents. Our children look forward to seeing you as though you are lined with candy and Legos. They love you so much, as do we, and we could not be more thankful.

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

my mom, holding Caleb

Alan’s grandmother, holding Caleb


Alan’s mom, making Caleb and Joshua laugh


Alan’s grandmother, meeting Caleb


my mom…..yet more Caleb


my great-grandmother and….Caleb:  Apparently we took a lot of pictures that year.


Oh!  This one’s Daniel and my mom.


Alan’s mom and Daniel.  Now I feel really bad that Joshua’s pictures aren’t digital.  If anyone has any digital baby Joshua pictures to send me, that’d be GREAT!


If the baby has red hair, it’s gotta be Daniel.



teenage April and my mom. 1998


Aunt Janet with Donna and a whole bunch of grandkids and nephews and nieces


Boat ride through a cave!


My kids are a bit spoiled by their grandparents, but that’s just part of the magic.


touring DC with Nonna and Aunt Amy


Nonna with cousin Wesley


Nana with John David

DSCN0254 IMG_0171 IMG_0334

Look closely. That’s Wesley again, not JD.  This could get confusing!


and of course, me with my crew


me with John David



I’m in this picture too.  Can you find me?


We do love our mommas!  I hope that I will be as big a blessing to my children, even as they become parents with families of their own, as you two have been to us.


Change of Plans!!

I guess it looks a little funny that we only lit up the bottom right portion of our house.  This is how much Christmas we are feeling this year.  ; )
(Actually, I helped with none of it, so I am just thankful to have some lights…)
  Okay so the last five days or so have been pretty wild around here.  Not a dull moment.  The weekend was harmless enough, until Saturday night.  We came home around 8pm to discover that my parents had tried to call all of our phones.  Hmmm.
  I called them back as soon as we had all the kids put to bed, and it turns out they were calling to tell me that my Granny died.  
  Granny was 100 years old.  She lived a full life and had finally reached the point that she was ready to go.  She told my mom a few months ago, “I’m ready to go see Jesus!”  When you  know someone is reaching the end of their years, that’s actually a very reassuring thing to hear.  I’m glad she was able to go peacefully at the end.  
  We think either her heart just stopped beating or she had a heart attack, but all of a sudden, she just breathed her last.  
   Granny did the amazing, in that she lived to see SIX of her great-great-grandchildren.  I’m so thankful   my boys got to meet her.  
Granny, as I remember her, around 80 years old.  She lived in her own home, which her husband built, I believe in the early 1950s, until around age 97.
I’m going to wait until the funeral, when I can gather more info and pictures to do a full post on Granny.  A great lady like her, who meant so much to us, deserves a full post.  
Other random things that have been going on…..I’ve gotta get these photos out here before I fill my camera back up with Christmas stuff!!!
Caleb has been playing doctor lately.  This is his doctor kit:  honey, two syringes, a corn dog stick, and a spoon.

…and this is the work Caleb did on Tails.  That would be two bandaged knees and a tail cast.

 Last week it snowed and then snowed again, and it doesn’t take a lot of snow to create sledding opportunities in our little area of the neighborhood.  Jacob turned out to have the best hill, and they spent hours on it, but first they wore out our yard and Amy’s yard!

What baby doesn’t love FEET!?

 It’s like a giant ball of little boys.
Apparently, having a few brothers is a lot of fun.
  And now we have changed ALL of our plans, Christmas and travel, to be able to go to Granny’s funeral.  It’s important to me to be there.  
  I have been a packing, gift wrapping, baking fool!  We’re working “double time” here!
  Merry Christmas, y’all!  Remember to hug all of those you love tightly this Christmas.  You never know whether or not you will get to see them again.