Fun Things to do in Fairfax County: Frying Pan Farm Park

frying pan farm park

Frying Pan Farm Park


Today Alan took the day off work, and we all visited a local Farm Park.  Everyone had a good time, in spite of the ever-present chill.  They had farm animals, a blacksmith shop, a wagon ride, a carousel, and a playground.
We felt like Caleb was really channeling his DaddyO in this fleece vest.
The Blacksmith Shop:  This is the very first time that all three boys actually listened to the demonstration given by the volunteer blacksmith.  We are crossing into new parenting territory with these oldest two growing up so fast!
   I think one of these two pictures of the brothers on the fence should definitely be framed!
27 weeks!
Joshua took a bunch of these pictures of Caleb while we were waiting on the wagon ride to start.  I think he did a really good job.
Dan’s first carousel ride
Daddy, being silly

Dan squeezed in a little playtime with his new Little People Zoo from Grandaddy and Nana.  He likes it a lot.  Thank you!  Joshua even helped me put it together!


…..and those were the highlights of our Spring Break.  Not too shabby, I thought.  I do hope April will bring us more warmth.  As you can see, my jacket is getting to be a bit small for me…….