Exotic Burger King

Pillows on their heads…Why not?  Energy required to keep up with these guys!
  Do you freak out and take a pregnancy test every time you exhibit any odd symptoms?
….Obviously, most of you probably don’t do that…but if you were me, I bet you would!  I just took one last week and passed it with a nice one-line negative.  Phew!  But after having trouble keeping my eyes open all day and a couple of light dizzy spells, it’s tempting to buy another one!
    Don’t worry.  I’m not pregnant.  That would not be funny at all.
   I just have anemia.  I hate anemia.  I don’t have time for anemia.  There are four small children who need an energetic mommy!!!!!
  I’ve even taken to eating spinach.  Apparently it is high in iron.  We’ll see if it helps, so far it has not.  Remembering to take my iron helps a ton!  I just cannot always remember, and I hesitate to leave a drug that lethal out on the counter to remind myself.  
  Ironic how something I need so badly is so dangerous for my children.
  Today I did a crazy thing.  I checked my kids out of school at lunch, drove all four of them to Burger King, and met Alan there for a family lunch out.  It was really nice and relaxing, and I just felt like we needed it.  This is a rough season for us.  It will pass, but I thought it would be great do something a little out of the status quo today.  
  Burger King may not sound exotic, but when you have four children, going anywhere all together as a family is exotic!  We never go to restaurants, unless we’re on vacation.  
  Believe it or not, all children were on their best behavior.  JD slept, and the boys all sat quietly in their chairs and ate their food.  We got lots of smiles from onlookers waiting in line.  We had that feeling of, “Ah, we’re okay,” for just a little while.  
 I had a rough couple of days with JD, but he was really good today, and I was so thankful!
  I cleared the afternoon–which just means that I skipped doing the laundry and dishes and picking up–and spent time playing with Joshua and Caleb while the “littles” napped.  Joshua likes to host the “Lego Room Olympics”.  This is where we have contests involving the activities that are kept in the Lego room.  (By Lego room, I mean our dining room.  That’s where I keep small toys and messy toys.)  
  Today’s Olympic games included a Lego building contest and a drawing/story contest.  I was so happy for Caleb because last year he wouldn’t even attempt writing anything, but this year he wrote a full caption for his picture.  
 Mom and I will have to spend all day tomorrow making up for that skipped laundry time because I also skipped laundry to take the boys to lunch, skipped lots of things to sleep later than usual, and then I skipped laundry to take a nap.  (Seriously having trouble with the sleeping….)  Thank you, Megan and Cara, for that nap!!!!
  Wait.  Did I say Mom!?  That’s right!  My parents are on their way, and they will be here tomorrow!  
  WAHOOOOOOOO!  I’m so glad they enjoy coming and helping with the “grandkids”.  This will be such a great break for me!  Caleb was so excited, he went to bed with the biggest smile on his face. 
  **Quote of the Day**
This conversation actually happened at dinner last night.
Alan:  So what did you boys learn in Bible class today?
Boys:  We don’t have Bible class at school.
Alan:  What?  You don’t learn about the Bible at school???
boys:  No, we just don’t talk about God at school, except for in the pledge.  (ha)
Caleb:  We just learn about things like planes, and pumpkins, and angimals  (animals).
Alan:  Well, now, why do you think that is?
Caleb:  I don’t know.  Maybe the schools were hypnotized by Satan, I think.   No.  No, maybe they were hypnotized by the angimals.  (animals)
I’ve gotta remember to ask Caleb more questions!   Such creative answers!  ; )
Next time you see me, maybe I’ll have a smile on my face.  I feel like this struggle I’ve had is part anemia, part postpartum depression, and part normal response to a demanding phase.  People can’t be giddy-happy all the time.  That would just be obnoxious, right?  ; )  As my sister-in-law said, if I weren’t overwhelmed by caring for four small children, I wouldn’t really be human.  This is just a phase, and hang with me.  I still look for the humor in things, even if I’m not quite as sun-shiny-happy as I’d like to be.  
For now I have great hope.  My parents will be here tomorrow, and I am more excited than Caleb is!!!  I’m also super sleepy.  What am I thinking staying up past 10:30?  Good night all!  
Don’t forget to steer clear of those hypnotizing “angimals”!!!!
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