The New Normal Postpartum

 John David and me
6 weeks postpartum
I have returned to wearing make-up –finally– but my hair straightener will probably be completely rusted before it sees usage again!



 I just love this little outfit.  By the way, after Daniel the Chubby it’s nice to have a baby who can fit into newborn socks!
He’s still grow-grow-growing, and he still looks like Joshua to me.
Can you see the tow truck in the floor that Caleb built with their tangram blocks?


The New Normal


It’s been 7 weeks now, and I’m not sure if we’ve really found our new normal yet, but we are getting there!


   I think Alan’s birthday was pretty indicative of what it’s like around here:


Alan woke up sick, and we all hung out at the house doing nothing special at all…..sorry, Alan.  Well, we’ll just call the new baby our ‘something special’ for this year!


New babies are such a serious show stopper.  I have a friend from college that calls this phase “baby jail.”  I think that sums it up pretty well.  I have several overdue appointments scheduled for this week, and with a breastfeeding baby that can be a challenge…..


So it’s always a mathematical problem of how to handle each appointment….ugh…..and in this sprawling metropolis, you often have to just take what appt. time you can get.  So here are my options, this week, with Alan being off work:


#1. Feed the baby right before I leave (Look, Bobby, I know you just fed an hour and a half ago, but please please eat again for my convenience!!!)


……..and dash back between 2-3 hours later to spare Alan having to deal with a crying baby.


  1.   Pump before I leave, and let Alan give him a bottle while I’m gone.  (We’ve actually pulled this off once now!  So exciting!  He drank 5 ounces).


  1.  Take baby with me….risking having to listen to him scream and cry in the car seat, while I feel awful about it.  PLUS risk having to breastfeed the baby in …..dumdumdum……public.  *gasp*


Now how is it that I have nursed four babies and yet am still not good at that?


I tend to tuck away into the nursery to feed the baby at home, so I’m not in the habit of covering.  I haven’t had a baby yet that seems to appreciate being hidden under a blanket for his meal.


Plus, what if the office timing is bad??  What if he needs to be fed at 3ish, but I end up at the doctor’s office too long, not leaving me time to feed him?


This has also happened already, at his two well baby exams.  Thankfully, we had an understanding doctor who let me feed him while she did paperwork, ha!  Then another time, they took f-o-r-e-v-e-r drawing his blood, and he was starving by the time we got him out of there.


See, this is why I don’t enjoy leaving the house like I used to!


Now, I suppose at this point I have completely ruined your delusion that I am an easy going person, as you have just read all of my neurotic thoughts on breastfeeding.


By the way,  good news:  He is doing much better with his feeding routine.  He now sleeps one 5 or more hour stretch.  One night he actually slept 6 1/2 hours straight.  I was GIDDY.


….So if you come visit us, and suddenly I disappear for a while, do not be offended.

I’m just an inept public breast-feeder.  Maybe when I get used to this again I’ll be able to *chill* a bit!





The Miracle of Iron

 Our sweet band of brothers.  : )  That’s Joshua, practicing to be a chiropractor…ha!  No, he was trying to make Dan look at the camera.  Two-year-olds are difficult to photograph!
 If only Daniel weren’t blurry!  I took these with my tablet, not my new camera.
 Joshua wears his footy pajamas open, like this, because this is him “being a scientist,” and the p.j.s serve as the lab coat.  And how cute is Jman’s hair like this!?
  Have you ever woken up one morning feeling miraculously better??  I had that happen today!  (Praise the Lord!)  The iron supplements are working, and I can’t tell you how exciting that is.  I was able to actually work today, and when I say work, I do mean work.
   I just refuse to call myself a stay at home mom.  Yes, I suppose that’s what I am, but there’s something about that title that implies that I do not work.  It is possible to be a stay at home mom and actually be a lady who lunches….but that is sooooo not the case here, so let me tell ya:  I work!
  In fact, there is John David crying and hiccuping now, so I will finish at my next “break”!
  So anyway….I have been back at work today:  calming babies, feeding children, potty training Daniel,  making phone calls, cleaning up messes, de-cluttering, doing laundry, and I even showered and washed my hair!
  Now I’ve just got to get the rest of me put back together!  The other day I was out walking when I ran into Abby, who asked me why I was limping.  Limping?  Huh!?
  When you have a new baby (along with a few old ones–ha!), you often develop problems like this that you are just too tired to notice.  Isn’t that funny?  Once she said it, I realized that I actually was limping, because my old hip problem was hurting.  Jeepers.  Well, that comes and goes, so I’ll just have to deal with that later.  Do you think there is anyone under the sun that doesn’t have back pain when they’re carrying around a baby all day?  I have to keep reminding myself to stand up straight, and that seems to help a little.  Giving birth can really mess a girl up!
Alan’s taking leave next week, and I have so many plans for that leave!
  Postpartum Recovery Checklist!
-dermatologist (already scheduled!)
-hair cut
-Perhaps I’ll even cash in that spa gift card Amy and Monica got me!  Awesomeness!
Okay, it may take me a few weeks to accomplish all of that…..and there is John David crying again.  
 Bobby’s first nap in Mommy’s bed
6 weeks old
Coming Soon:  I have 2 excellent new videos to share, but Blogger’s video uploader isn’t working (Here we go again, isn’t this why I left Xanga!?)
1. video of John David practicing his front to back rollover.  If you put his elbows under him, he can do a beautiful roll, from tummy to back.
2.  video of Daniel, breastfeeding a baby doll.  Ha!!!
J.D., practicing his roll over:  He has to have the left elbow under him, as shown, then he kicks that right leg, and rolls.  I don’t know if “counts” or not, (as far as achievement bench-marks) but I figure it’s great practice anyway.
Quote of the week:
Caleb:  Mommy, can I change my name?
Me:  Now why would you do that?  Caleb is a great name.
Caleb:  No, I just don’t wike it.  I hate my name.  
Me:  And what do you want your name to be?
Caleb:  Andy.  Just Andy.
*Toy Story strikes again*

The Six Week Mark!

Sometimes we all need a little rest.
  For six weeks I’ve been dragging around this house like a zombie (which have you noticed–have made quite the come back in popular culture this year).  I kept thinking of six weeks as the magical  mark I needed to make it to, and then things would be better.
  Last week was rough, and I began to have my doubts about that…
  Then today good things happened!
No, not sleep…..I wish…..
  This morning, before I even got out of bed, I prayed that my 6 week postpartum appointment would go well today.  I prayed that the baby would sleep through the appointment and that I would remember all my questions.
  I had scheduled Megan to watch the three boys.  Well, when Megan arrived, Sherry (Megan’s mom) came in too, and then she offered to go to my appointment with me.  Oh, wow!  I’d never even thought of that.  What an answer to prayer.  Thank you, Sherry.
  The appointment went better than I could have imagined.  Sherry kept Bobby in the waiting room,  and for a wonderful 30 minutes I sort of forgot they even existed…. : ) The midwife took lots of time with me, and I got all of my questions answered.  Plus, I am now fully cleared to “ease back into exercise.”  LOL.  Exercise is actually not at the forefront of my mind right now, but it’s nice to know I can pick up Daniel, haul around laundry, and work back up to running.  Exercise is actually what I do to escape the house!  I love my children, but when that’s your 24/7 job, you gotta get away sometime.  Well, I do anyway.
  The good news was that I got to explain to her about my extreme fatigue problem.  My midwife also has four children ( I love that), so I asked her if she thought it was just from that and the sleep deprivation….and I was going to mention the iron deficiency, but before I even got it out of my mouth she said, “Well, yeah, but it’s also your anemia.  It takes a while to get over that when you’ve given birth and had a c-section.”  
   She was surprised they had sent me home from the hospital with no iron prescription.  They had actually removed it from my prescription list even though my hemoglobin and hematocrit levels were still well below the norm while I was in the hospital….
So basically I’ve been muddling through all these weeks, when a few iron pills/day would have done wonders towards solving my problem.  
Anemia is a beast, and when you combine it with surgery recovery and newborn sleep deprivation….you get what  I have been the past 6 weeks, relying on everything and everybody to get me through!  I am just so blessed to have so many wonderful friends and family who have brought meals and kept my children.
What’s GREAT about all this is that now I have HOPE that I could feel better really soon!  They tested my blood again, and she told me to resume my 2-3 irons/day schedule.
  You know what else?  It felt so good to be out of the house with Sherry today.  After my appointment, we went up and had lunch at the hospital cafeteria (which we both love).  Call us crazy, but it is good food at low prices!  If you are ever over there, you gotta try the tuna salad sandwich.   So good, and they don’t skimp on the tuna salad.
  I forgot how much I enjoy being out and having social interaction.  Isn’t it hilarious that I now consider “going out” a day at the hospital!!??  haaaaaahaha!
  That’s okay, though, because Saturday is mine and Alan’s anniversary, and we are REALLY going to go out!  Sherry is keeping John David, and Megan is keeping the rest.  The only hitch is I have to pump a couple bottles before that, and see if I can get John David to take them.  
  ……So all year I’ve kind of thought of six weeks as the big goal, and after that I’ll be good….  I’m thinking now we may extend our “taking it easy” time to more like 3 months.  It’s so easy to forget what a show-stopper that babies really are:  breastfeeding constantly, diapers, naps, crying….phew!  
Funny Quote:
(from when Nana was here)
my mom:  *heard a creepy noise as she was getting ready for bed*  WHAT was that!?
Joshua:  *from inside his covers*…….Oh, sorry, that was me.  I was practicing my ROAR.  
*chuckle*  : )
A few more things:
** I understand that so far it looks like Nonna’s surgery went well today. 
**Plus my dad is doing better, so things are looking up there.
**Oh!  And my great-Granny turned 100 years old this weekend!  
**Believe it or not, John David is officially in 3/6 month clothes now.  I know.  Crazy, but pretty normal for one of our babies.  I think he weighs about 13 pounds now.  It looks like he’s going to be about as big as Caleb.  (No wonder I’ve had to feed him so much, around the clock, growing this much!)  
**Now don’t forget to practice your roar!  ; )
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