Cyber Monday Gratitude GIVEAWAY!!!!!


How’s everyone’s Cyber Monday going? Ours was great. We did no shopping, but I did go to my cardio aqua-therapy class!!  So fun and invigorating!

This giveaway is for two packs of fill-in-the-blank notes from Lil’ Miss Gratitude!!  One of your packs will be thank-yous, and the other pack will either be birthday cards or “Hello” cards.

The front of the cards come blank so your kids color the front, or you can also send them out uncolored! These are appropriate for ALL AGES of kids.

I colored this one!

No more tears! A solution for kids' thank you notes

My boys colored this one. Creative.

These are an awesome way to get your kids expressing gratitude, brightening someone else’s day, and all without the whining and fussing.

Here’s a sample of a completed card:

Sample of a “hello” card that we used as a thank you note.

Joshua needed to write about 12 thank you notes after his birthday party, and when he saw these fill-in-the-blank cards, he was so relieved, he ACTUALLY SAID, “Oh, phew. Thank you, Mom. Thank you so much for these. This makes it so much easier.”

Click here to learn more about Lil’ Miss Gratitude!


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I wish you could all win! Merry Christmas!!!!

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Do your kids love writing thank you notes???…..So here’s a solution.


No more tears! A solution for kids' thank you notes

Our family has never been known for our stellar thank-you note etiquette. Instead, thank you notes typically make my boys want to actually return their presents.

“Skylanders, YES!!!!!”

“THANK YOU NOTES??? Oh, um, oh, uh. Moaaaannnnnn….Groannnnn….”

Look, it’s not that they are ungrateful. They SAID thank-you 100 times, jumped up and down, and gave the giver a hug. We are thankful, okay. But sitting down in an actual chair and WRITING out thank you notes??? Apparently some people don’t love that idea.

And many of you know that even after they write them their mother may lose them, forget to mail them, or stick them into a drawer and find and mail them a year later.

Not me, of course. Ahem. Never, no. I’m just so organized and careful. That would never happen to me…. (Ha!!!!! Right.)

But we do want to do the right thing and teach our children to show gratitude to others. We’ve been blessed so much.

The Solution

So Lil’ Miss Gratitude, over at….well… invented something that’s pretty awesome. This is what I used for my son’s birthday this year. He took one look at how it was basically already written and all he has to do is fill in the blanks, and he calmed down.

“Oh. I just fill in these blanks?
“Yep. So easy.”

“OKay. Sure. Do you have more of these? Because I got a LOT of presents.”

“No, but I have some “Hello” cards with blanks too. You could make those work for thank you notes.”
“Let me see. Yeah, okay, I got it. THANKS, MOM! Thank you so much. Phew.”

And look how cute:

I actually colored this one myself. It was fun.

No more tears! A solution for kids' thank you notes

a filled in “thank you” note

He’s too cool to color them, of course, so we sent some out uncolored, and I colored some of the others.

My son also decided that his friends don’t want thank-you notes, so he only delivered them to his grandparents and aunts and uncles. Well, all right, this is me we are talking about. He wrote them 2 weeks ago, and they are sitting right beside me because I can’t remember anyone’s exact address, and I haven’t found the time to look them all up.  Hey, I may be a slacker mail handler, but at least I got him to write the notes! Right?

I love Laura’s slogan for these cards: “We said thank you notes; they heard root canal.”

So if this sounds like a story you can relate to, here’s where you can order your own. I can’t recommend these highly enough:

Go here to order them.



Believe it or not, this is not a sponsored post, but these fabulous products were provided by Lil’ Miss Gratitude.  Check them out! 





Our Pack of Wolves

cub scouts.jpgscouts

Ferocious looking, aren’t they?  ; )

The difference between these boys from the beginning of 1st grade as “Tiger Cubs” to right now, 3/4 of the way through their “wolf” year is amazing.  We really are seeing them grow up right before our eyes.  Tigers are like sweet, frisky little puppies compared to these guys.  Wolves are on a whole other level.  I’m so proud of everything they are accomplishing.

Cub Scouts is an organization that does a lot of great things.  We’d like to think that even without it we’d be sure to teach our boys to organize road side clean up, build things with wood, operate a flag pole, and participate in races and such, but let’s face it, that just doesn’t always happen.  Being involved in cub scouts ensures that we follow through!

The boys love it because so many of their friends are involved.  We love it for the learning opportunities.

I also love how involved the dads are!!!  Many of my girl friends and I LOVE having at least ONE activity that our husbands handle with the kids, rather than us having to do everything.  Of course, we all pitch in when necessary, as Courtney had to do this weekend, but it’s so nice when you don’t have to.

We owe a BIG THANK YOU to our leaders!!!  Mark and Eddie do an outstanding job with this Wolf den.  They both put in a lot of work to set our boys up with exciting activities. I about fell over when I saw how well Mark had them all seated around a table at their first meeting this year.  Amazing!!!  It takes a lot of work to lead a den this size, and we are all so thankful ya’ll are taking that on for us!

 I don’t have any Tiger photos in this post, but I want to thank Alec and Larry as well.  That job is like herding cats, and our leaders are doing such a great job and have managed it with an incredible amount of patience. Caleb is enjoying it so much.  We really appreciate all you are doing.

  This Saturday, Alan took his camera to Joshua’s den meeting.  They got a LOT done this weekend.


First, they learned about caring for and raising the flag and actually got to take turns doing it!!

flagraising joshuaflag

That’s our Joshua, in the camouflage jacket, getting a turn at the flag pole.


Uh-oh.  Dad’s got the camera again…


After a very well planned and executed flag raising tutorial, Mark taught the boys all about different tools and then they got to actually use the tools when they all made their own bird houses.

building carson workingscouts goggles alanjoshua IMG_2705 IMG_2707

After the boys built their bird houses, they had to prove they met stringent local area building standards!  Ha!


The boys nervously await their turn for inspection….


Oh, yeah, guess who else got to tag along?  Daniel.  Since he brought Pringles with him, he was quite popular.


Joshua, with his finished product! …Oh yeah, we’ve been working on our ‘picture smile,’ but don’t coach him at go-time, or the results will be disastrous.



Once the bird houses were complete, the den did some road side litter removal.  Thanks, wolves!!!


They even had the proper safety gear, as any good scout would. (Thanks again, leaders!!!)

goodscouts IMG_2727

Check out the smiles on their faces.  Alan said they actually cracked up pretty hard because one of them found a DIAPER.  bleh.

laughing IMG_2729 leader cleanup wolves dan plans

They even covered house plans.  Today:  bird feeders.  Tomorrow:  high rise apartment buildings.  ; )

learning dadgroup

They might not admit it, but I think scouting is fun for the dads too.



Joshua happily came home and answered all of Caleb’s questions about it.  It was really sweet to behold the older brother, passing on the lessons he’d learned that day to his younger brother.  Joshua has always seen it as his responsibility to guide his little brothers right along with him on the path to manhood.

Cub scouts truly are great men in training, and I’m so thankful my boys have gotten to be a part of such a great pack.  We will miss you all so much when we move!

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