Military Family

The Naval Postgraduate School campus, Monterey, California

My most popular military life series: The Real Army Wives:

A new one comes out every Monday. I’m telling our story of getting married in the aftermath of 9/11, a high tempo phase for military families constantly sending a service member to combat in Iraq and Afghanistan.


We have now been a military family for 15 years. I know. I can’t believe it’s been that long either. It really doesn’t seem possible, seeing as how I’m only 29…wink, wink.

So over that course of time we’ve lived in 6 states and a District, the District of Columbia that is, and Alan has served in Iraq and Afghanistan 3 times. There were whole years that we did not see him.

If you are a military spouse, looking for support or inspiration, I hope you will know this is a safe place to comment and reach out. I have run the gamut of emotions over the years, and I know what it is to be lonely, depressed, running on Zoloft, or just straight up confused or angry. I have been there.

The military life can be a ton of fun too, once you find your people and get a few prayers answered. You are definitely amongst friends here. Feel free to ask me any questions. Or vent. Whatever you need.

I wrote about some of our experiences. I’ve consolidated a few of my articles below about this unique way of life.

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Giving Birth While Your Hubby is Away:

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How we change:

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Military Kids

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When Someone You Know Becomes a Casualty of War:

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