Finally! A Better Day!

Look at this cute picture I got in the mail from the marriage retreat!  This was Alan and me, 3 months ago.  I was 5 months pregnant in this picture.  Looking at it now, I can’t believe how big I thought I was.  How ridiculous.  I was tiny.  You can’t even tell I was pregnant.  …..Now, at 8 months, things are much different.  When I am 8 months pregnant, it always feels as though I will never ever be small again!
I just have this feeling that one day I will be looking at this photo and saying, “Look at how young we were!”  
    I am happy to report that many of my “sky is falling” problems from yesterday have been put to rest. I do need to re-Pine Sol the basement and do about a gazillion chores, BUT the good news is our plumbing problem has been repaired.  
Culprit:  Daniel again.  We think he had flushed a hand towel.  All hand towels have been removed from the bathrooms.
   We call Daniel the $7,000 baby b/c his escapades have cost us so much money!  We love him just the same.  Look at how innocent he looks:
Playdoh.  God’s gift to moms of toddlers.
 Lingering problem:  Return of pregnancy nausea in the 3rd trimester.  Now what is the deal with that!!!???

   At 34 weeks pregnant, carrying a low riding baby, my ability to live life normally diminishes hourly.  The baby likes to dig his hands around in my pelvic area and push (literally) on my pelvic bones.  He has settled into a position that makes me feel my right SI joint again at times, and I’m not too crazy about that.
   It’s not all that bad though.  I’m still wearing my maternity support band, and it helps a lot.  Amazingly enough, I haven’t even gained any weight in the last few weeks.   Of course, that might have something to do with being so sick.  I’m feeling better all the time though–sinus and nausea wise, at least.
   I’ve decided that since all my energy is now spent by 12pm, all suppers must be cooked first thing in the morning.  I have a roast in the crockpot as we speak.  It’s a good thing too b/c as it turns out, Alan’s cousin Alyson, in town on business, will be joining us for dinner tonight.
   Can any of you please give me some suggestions for crock pot meals that taste really great, besides roast?  Please contribute any good recipe that you have!!
   I hope Alyson knows I’m in desperate need of a housekeeper and haven’t given in and hired one yet….
  Seriously.  Do you know how many people recently (and separately from each other) have suggested that I hire someone to help with the cleaning during this ……busy….phase?  And it’s not people that have been inside my house, so it’s not at all insulting.  It has me thinking seriously about it though.  Four kids is a LOT to handle, with a newborn and a toddler, especially.  This is all happening right as J & C are getting out for the summer too.  This is going to be one seriously full house!  Plus I’m growing more and more handicapped by the day.   I’d actually like to hire some help asap…
  Now if I can only get my husband to approve this plan….I haven’t actually even mentioned it to him yet!
Where’s the referee?  The boys will also need some sort of fight moderator…..
; )
Only 5 more weeks, tops!!!!

Mother’s Day Flood

This is my card from Caleb.  I’ll give you one guess which one is pregnant Mommy……HA!

Joshua made me this vase in Art class.  He did a really great job of painting the flowers on it.  
Happy Mother’s Day to our Wonderful Mothers!!!
Now that’s a happy grandmother right there.  Nonna, holding niece Tori, and grandson Daniel.
  Now I’m sure not any of you that know us think this was an uneventful day.  We have no such thing in this house……ever… seems.
  To begin with, I was getting over my illness, so it was a lazy day at home for me.  The antibiotics have made a big difference already, so I slept the day away, enjoying my new ability to breathe through my nose.
  But this afternoon we made a rather unfortunate discovery……the basement was flooded  AGAIN!!!  Now when I say flooded, I should clarify that only part of the basement was standing in a little water, like 1/2 and inch, just enough to make you groan.  The plumber is here now, working on the problem.  We’re not sure yet what happened, but we should know soon.  No word yet on whether or not this issue was Daniel related.  
  Tomorrow both boys have Field Day, and I plan on going and watching, after my chiropractor appointment.
  Since I’m doing so much better now, my plan for this week is a little thing called Operation Major Recovery.  I PLAN (lol–as if anything around here ever goes as I plan it to) is to fully clean and restore this house from the catastrophe that we call last week.  If I can get each room looking decent, there will be photos, I tell you, because it will be an accomplishment!
  Dan’s accomplishment of the year:  made whoo-whoo stinky on the potty, all by himself.  See, one of our problems with Dan is that he has a need for privacy when making “whoo-whoo”.  And after this year’s plumbing expenses, this is a hard thing to give him!
All of last week’s surgical patients seem to be doing better this week, so praise God for that!
So far all the plumber has been able to find is a flushed wipe– baby or Clorox, we’re not sure.  It seems like an awfully big problem for such a thing.  If that caused the clog, I know who did that–Caleb, not Daniel, and that out of ignorance.
Happy thought for the week:  (I could actually use a bunch of happy thoughts after the week we’ve had….)
“Pleasant words are like a honeycomb, sweetness to the soul and health to the bones.”
Proverbs 16:24
“God gives the lonely a home.  He leads prisoners out with joy, but those who turn against God will live in a dry land.”       Psalm 68:6
“So encourage each other, and give each other strength, just as you are doing now.”
1 Thessalonians 5:11


  Have any of you noticed what a controversial word antibiotics has become?  What with all the super-bacteria popping up that we don’t have antibiotics strong enough to tackle, people are starting to run scared from “unnecessary” antibiotics.  The thought there is that if you take them too much, they won’t work when your body really needs them.

  When I was a kid, it seemed like we took them every time we got sick.  Nowadays, that couldn’t be further from the case.  My kids have each taken them only a handful of times in their whole life.  (The amoxicillin is still pink, and still tastes like bubble gum, though).  Dan was our first ear infection kid, (first one to get multiple ear infections, I mean) so he has even taken Augmentin, when the Amoxicillin wasn’t enough.

  But they are not easy to come by.  In some ways I agree with this.  I don’t want my children taking them all the time.   They don’t work for the common cold or any type of virus anyway.  In other ways, it can be highly frustrating, which was my experience this week.

  I know everyone’s tired of hearing me whine about my sinuses, as I have pretty much had one cold after another since January, so I’ll spare you the details.

  Short story:  After two nights of no sleep, thanks to my misery, I drove myself to the ER last night at 2:30am and begged  for antibiotics.

  I mean, there is a time to be cool and power through.  And there is a time to step all over your own pride and beg for help!!!

  I did reach that point…..and I now have a beautiful bottle of giant amoxicillin tablets sitting in my kitchen.
  Since the sinus problem has now moved down and built a house in lungs, I also got a super strong cough syrup, complete with codeine……..Codeine!?   It took an act of total self abasement to get my hands on some antibiotics, but they gave me codeine without me even asking for it??

  Of course, in order for the antibiotics to work, I have to actually have a bacterial infection, which we really don’t know if I do or not.  I just figured it was worth a shot!

  I’m not taking the codeine cough syrup.  Yes, my cough is bad, and my chest is tight, but I just don’t feel right about that one.  I filled it though, so we’ll have it if this horribleness hits when I’m not pregnant.

  I finally got some sleep today.  I’ve slept almost all day long.  Hallelujah!  I literally had not slept more than 2 hours since Wednesday.
  Alan woke up miraculously feeling better this morning.  Amazing.  He put away all the groceries I had purchased but run out of steam to put away.  He did some laundry, did the dishes, cloroxed the kitchen, and took all the boys to the Community Yard Sales of this morning.  He took the boys to Caleb’s last soccer game.  Then he even mowed the yard and trimmed the edges.  WOW.

  I could only dream of such productivity.  Man, I hate being sick.

  The boys are all doing well.  Daniel’s nose finally has stopped running, and he is zipping around here like the happy little wild man we love….oh but not right now.  Alan took all three boys to Supper Club. And I am going to muster up some energy and get a few chores done while they are gone, so I can again feel like a contributing member of this family!


  Caleb has been so excited all week that this Sunday is Mother’s Day.  He has told me that over and over again, and he hugs me and says, “I love you so much.”

  Joshua has been extra sweet too.  He told me the other day, “Where are the laundry baskets?  I wanted to carry them downstairs for you, so you could be so excited.”

  Alan seems most excited that since I won’t be cooking on Mother’s Day, we get to have pizza, and “Papa John’s has a 50% off special!!”  lol  Gotta love all my boys and their pizza.

Much love to our mothers!!  Wish we could see you and hug you right now!

This One’s For All the Sickies

….and now when I say sickies, I mean literal sick and miserable people…..b/c that’s who I can relate to right now!!!

   When I am miserable I like to see light, happy things only, so that’s all you will find here today!

This is what I found when I came home from the doctor’s office tonight.  That’s Joshua and me in the picture.  : )

So sweet!

  So I finally went to the doctor today–urgent care–to try to get some help for my completely closed nose.  It was so closed up, I felt like I couldn’t breathe at all.  Doc gave me a prescription for a decongestant…..that turned out to be discontinued  : /…………but the nice pharmacist took the extra time to look up the ingredients and said it’d be just as well to just take Sudafed and stand in a hot steam shower for a while.  So I did both of those things.  I can finally breathe out of one side of my nose:  huge improvement, it really is!
   Now guess what.  Alan’s sick too.  Fever and body aches.  That’s a little different from my sickness, so just to be safe, I’m sleeping downstairs.  If I catch anything else, I will lose my mind entirely!
   Okay, back to light and happy thoughts:

That would be me, 33 weeks pregnant, doing yoga.  You are welcome for that laugh!  I think the Maternity support belt makes me look chubbier, but it’s worth it anyway.

I think that picture sums up my life perfectly!
We raisin’ this one right, ya’ll!  ; )

And last but not least, as you can see from the next video, my life hasn’t changed much over the last four years…..
Here’s Joshua at age 3:


One of THOSE Mornings

  This turned out to be one of THOSE mornings.  You know, the kind where life hits you with both fists, and despite your desperate longing to find a hole to crawl into and hide, there is just no hole to be found….
  It all started out innocently enough.  I got one wake-up call in the night, from Joshua, who decided at 3am that he actually did want to sleep with a shirt on.  No problem.  I gave the boy a shirt and got back to bed.  I haven’t reached the point of pregnancy where I get up multiple times a night to pee, so I proceeded to sleep until morning.
  I dutifully got out of bed at 6am to begin my day, feeling sick from head to toe.  I have yet another bad cold (as does Dan), and I thought, “if I could just get some coffee, if I could just get some coffee.”
  I got downstairs only to discover that Alan was already using the coffee pot to make his coffee.  Drat. So I went ahead and packed the boys snack bags, and it’s a good thing b/c once the morning got going there was never time to do that again!
  I was very slowly trying to focus my swimmy, congestion filled head on packing snack bags, when Alan announced that he was probably going to be late again, like last night (7pm), and of course I prefer for him to be home by 6, when we eat dinner.  That just means another hour I have to handle Daniel alone.  Yes, he’s that rough.
  The kids all came down, everyone had breakfast, and all was well except for my desire to go back to bed.  I asked Joshua to keep an eye on Dan while I went up to shower, which he did enthusiastically.  (Lord, thank you for that boy).
  It was soon discovered that Daniel’s snot is now pouring green, rather than clear, but we are all still fever free at least, though I don’t feel like it on the inside.

  At some point, Joshua knocked on my door and gave me my phone and my pretty much empty cup of coffee, but it’s the thought that counts, and I thought that was the sweetest thing.
  But then Joshua discovered that none of his favorite clothes were clean and launched an offensive to try to not go to school today.
   It was such a hard fought battle to get Joshua ready for school today.  Ugh.  We usually are able to get out of here in a timely manner, without too much stress.  Today no one wanted to wear what I had for them to wear.  No one wanted to brush their teeth.  No one made their bed.
   It turned out that Joshua was dreading school because someone made fun of him at lunch yesterday, but he wouldn’t tell me what they made fun of him about.  He just said, “I didn’t even do anything!”
  I did feel bad for him.  We’ve all been there!
  I drove the boys to school, which I would’ve done anyway b/c I feel like death, but you can bet I had to fight another battle with Joshua about that!
  I talked to the boys about being made fun of, as well as making fun of others in the car.  Then I also explained to them that I do not expect my little boys to care about what they wear b/c “that’s for girls.”  Judge all you want, but I thought it was worth a shot.  I’ve never seen a boy stress out so much about what to wear.  I told them there are too many people in this family for them to get to wear their favorite clothes everyday because it is just not going to happen.
  (The real root of the problem here is that I packed away most of the clothes they are wanting to wear for season change.  But since this is the winter that won’t die, they kind of still need those clothes.  Ugh).
  So that’s my morning: failures, misery, and all!  Parenting is so stinkin’ hard sometimes.
  Not to mention, I discovered that Daniel had colored one of my nice dining room chairs up with marker during homework time yesterday.  I don’t know how I missed that.

  Oh, and there is no rest for the weary.  I have to go to yoga and to help with staff appreciation today b/c after the numerous times I’ve backed out of those activities  the last couple weeks due to all of mine and Daniel’s physical ailments, I simply cannot cancel yet again!

Lesson learned:
No more signing up for anything whatsoever for the next year that requires me to be anywhere I can’t be sick, with sick babies with me.  Because apparently that is my current situation for the foreseeable future.

   As I type, Daniel is crawling all over me, and I need to go upstairs and get ready to drag him to the school, where I’m sure he will be on his perfect gentlemanly two-year-old behavior.  (sarcasm)

The good news:  I took every single medication allowable for pregnant women to help me get through the rest of the morning, and I think the tylenol has kicked in a bit at least.  My head does feel a bit less like imploding.

Happy Trails!!!

******Update on my bad morning*********
  Okay, so of course, things weren’t quite as bad as they seemed.  The tylenol eased the pressure in my head so much that I am again a functioning person.  Phew!
   I actually put Dan in the stroller and walked us to the school because I believe that using energy gives your more energy, and I needed some energy!  I arrived at the school to help with staff appreciation breakfast cleanup, only to discover that I had the time wrong, and they’d already done it all without me.  Sad.
   Daniel and I came home and got ready for yoga and had a great yoga session, so I’m glad I didn’t cancel on account of my sinus head.  I told Monica (my yoga instructor) that I need to take pictures of myself doing these yoga poses this pregnant, just to prove that I really did do it!  Ha!  So Monica whipped out her camera and took a few photos.
  Like most women, I don’t love being photographed all big pregnant, but when I’m not pregnant those crazy pregnant pictures are like a badge of honor to look back on, especially when you have the watermelon belly, you know?
  So I swallow my pride now, accept that this is really what I look like, and I’ll have something to look back on later.

  At least I do not have twins in there, as I’m so often accused!  The other day Joshua said, “Just imagine what Xavier and Zoe’s mom must’ve looked like.  I’d really like to see that!”  LOL.  My sympathies to ALL mothers of multiples!  I cannot imagine!

  Now I have Dan down for a nap, which is great.  I have not a single bit of nose to breathe through, which is not so great, but I’m going to be optimistic about the rest of the day!

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