The Boat, The Family, and The Achy Belly

Riding the river in our (new to us) boat.  Yay!
  We did finally get to take the boat we bought two weeks ago out on the water this afternoon.  Everything worked perfectly, and it was really exciting for the boys, well for all of us.
  I was feeling so much better for most of the day.  I taught my Sunday School class, etc. etc. with no problems.  But after going out on the boat and then putting Daniel to bed, the good feelings were gone.  Something just doesn’t feel right in the lower abdominal and also right hip region.  It seems like I’ve just pulled or strained some muscles or something, just trying to do my job with a big giant belly.  I’m going to take it super easy tomorrow, and hopefully I’ll feel better by Tuesday.
  I hate admitting it, but at this point I’m really too big to live as normally as I’d like.  Carrying around a chubby 2-year-old is just not easy anymore.  
  We also found out that my dad is now in the hospital.  So ya’ll add him to your prayer list too.  I know my dad’s health isn’t as good as it used to be, but it always takes me by surprise and scares me a bit when one of our family members is in the hospital.  You know?
And here are numerous pictures of our family, taking the boat out for the first time.  This was a good time, everyone was excited, and the pregnant lady was not having any issues, always a plus!
At first, Joshua wasn’t so sure about this whole boat thing.  He was very anxious about it all, but by the end he had eased up.

This is Joshua’s anxious fake smile, still at the beginning of the trip.

We had an awesome boat captain, named Daddy.  : )

Caleb, in true Caleb form, was as cool as a cucumber.  He had to test out every seat in the boat, poke his head into every corner, and even try his hand at driving.

There were moments when I caught Daniel with a large, genuine smile on his face.  He loved it.  He hated the life vest, but of course that is a must.  With Daniel it is best to move the boat fast, so you don’t have to fight him to make him sit down.  When the boat moves slowly, he wants to stand up and look around–that did drive me a little crazy!

Caleb said, “This is kind of fun,” as he let the wind smack him in the face.  I was always like that too.  Bring on the wind.  As you can see, Caleb has lost yet another tooth, and his front two permanent teeth are now in place.

Does he look a little seasick to you?

Yep, that would be the 5 year old driving!

Alan bought me this drink for the boat ride at Walmart.  Yum!  It was delicious.

  6 weeks of pregnancy left to go, and I already want to lay down and quit life for a while.  That’s not good, is it? I wonder when the normal time is to feel like not doing anything anymore?  I still have energy.  That’s not the problem.  It’s this bowling ball belly and the low riding infant inside it.  Things are just not the same now.  Weah, weah, weah, sorry guys!  I’ll try my best to suck it up and drive on, and if I didn’t have this 30 pound, while adorable, sidekick, I think I could still be very actively involved in my community. But Daniel is a handful to carry, chase, potty train, keep out of trouble etc. with this belly!  He needs to just stay in our semi- baby proofed house for a while.  Out in public I have to work much harder to keep him from mischief, and you know, mostly from bothering other people!
In other news…..
–Alan is really enjoying his new job, and that makes us both so happy.  It’s always best for your spouse to be happy.  You really do become one when you marry!  “If momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy”, sure, but also I’d like to add that a dissatisfied daddy is a downer as well.  His stress is my stress, you know?  Sure, his new job has it’s share of stress, but when it’s a job you enjoy you can handle that.  I like seeing him happy with work.
–Caleb only has one more soccer game, and his current swimming session is done, so life is about to get a little less busy.  Hurray!!!
–Joshua still has a month of baseball left.  His fielding has greatly improved, but he goofs off when he’s at bat, and I’m really not sure why he does that.  Will I ever fully understand these boys?  Probably not.
  We hope everyone has a good week, and we will be praying for all our family members going through hard times.  The list keeps growing.    : (  
  I’ve always said, “Life is just a series of problems to solve.”  I’m glad we have a God who cares, that we can call on during times like these. 
Blessed is the man who trusts in the LORD And whose trust is the LORD. “For he will be like a tree planted by the water, That extends its roots by a stream And will not fear when the heat comes; But its leaves will be green, And it will not be anxious in a year of drought Nor cease to yield fruit.
Jeremiah 17:7-8

Finally Friday! Not a Moment Too Soon!

Daniel, watching the Nats vs. Pirates game.  He was copying the way the runners slid to the base….over and over again, which we thought was just adorable!
   Roll Tide, ya’ll!!!  It is finally Friday!!  Boy, could I use a weekend.  Naturally, this weekend will be jam packed with activities, but the psychology of it all is half the battle, right?
  ******Pregnancy Update*******
  This is my 33rd week of pregnancy (which means I am 32 weeks pregnant), and sometime during the last two days, amidst all those “Braxton Hicks” contractions I’ve been having, the baby dropped down lower.  It’s not highly noticeable to look at me, but internally it’s a huge change.  
The positives:  My lungs are freer to breathe and my ribcage is no longer sustaining any kicks or jabs from the little one.  
The negatives:  Walking around is just harder to do.  My hips feel looser.  More pressure is present, and worst of all the baby gives me KILLER jabs in the cervix.  After walking two hours straight at the zoo yesterday, I literally felt like the baby was just going to fall right out…….he didn’t though.  ; )
   This morning, walking to school was so difficult with all the low blows to my cervix that I was becoming grumpier and grumpier.  Finally, he got me so good that I actually stopped dead in my tracks and actually let out a little bit of a shriek.  It was all rather embarrassing.  I was walking behind three ladies I know, so they immediately checked to make sure I was okay.  I seriously had tears in my eyes from the pain.  So ridiculous.  I really hope every walk will not be like that because I’d really hate to have to quit walking!  I love walking!
me and Caleb, trying to photograph my 32 weeks shot without help.  I decided it would be best to let Alan give it a shot instead.

I totally believe that “pregnant face” is due to water weight.  In this pic it doesn’t look bad to me, but other days there’s a huge difference.  What is the deal with that?
Do all toddlers view people’s legs as horse equivalents?
   So I did notice that I whined a lot today to people about my pregnancy *issues*.  I grumbled about all the false labor contractions that I’m suddenly having off and on all day long.  I griped about the low hits, which are the closest thing I think a woman can come to being “hit it in the nuts.”  It HURTS!  Did any of you have that or remember that?  
   Anyway, my poor local friends have been getting an earful from the giant pregnant lady, so my new resolution is to shut my mouth.  I had a very productive day actually, but looking back I do feel guilty about yapping about my problems.  Politeness dictates that I should say “fine” when people ask how I’m doing, but that is so not what I did today!  I talked to anyone I could corner about these annoying contractions and painful cervical hits.  
    Sorry, local friends!  6 full weeks left of this, so I need to just suck it up and ……perhaps lay low.
   We love Friday nights!  Here’s a few shots from the last few days with the boys:

 It’s hard to tell in the photo, but Daniel had taken all his Duplo animals and put each one on a duplo block.  Then he lined them up in a straight line.  Then he scattered all of them—–but have no fear—-then he happily picked them all up and put them back in the bucket.   Third child’s a charm.   ; )  j/k  We adore all four of our little charms.

Joshua and Caleb are going to make SUCH great dads when they grow up.

Joshua spent 10 minutes trying to teach Daniel how to ride his scooter.

Alan and I are both so tired that we are now the only ones in the living room, it is 9:25 pm, an hour and a half past the boys’ bedtime, the boys are all three downstairs in the basement playroom…….and neither of us seems to have the will to begin the bedtime routine.  It’s so tiring just thinking about it!!!  Is there a better way to handle bedtime, that’s faster and less work???  There’s gotta be a better way.
Happy Weekend to all!

MisAdventures at 32 Weeks Pregnant …..Embarrassments and Getting Stuck in a Window


What. a. morning.

Before I tell you this, you must first envision me 32 weeks pregnant.  Okay, it looks a little like this:

What an unbelievable day we had! Hilarious pregnant-lady-stuck-in window story

and that was actually a couple of weeks ago….

So each day is something of a work out anyway, but this morning was……..especially special….

1st the walk to school was a little rough due to constant false labor contractions.  Don’t worry, they don’t really hurt, and once I quit walking they were gone.

It was “walk to school” day, which I had forgotten about since we walk to school everyday, but we came in on the tail end of it and joined the parade of walking school children.  They take a different route than we do, going by a very busy highway.

There was one minor scare/embarrassment when I heard my kindergartener, Caleb, being told to get back on the sidewalk.  I thought he was right beside me, but I turned around to realize he’d been darting around in the grass, by the aforementioned busy highway (don’t worry we never go that way normally), picking dandelions……gotta love a public bad parenting moment like that.

Then I walked all the way back home, pushing 2-year-old Daniel in his stroller and discovered I’d locked myself out of the house.  My cell phone was also nicely locked up.

No lectures, please, Dad.

…….So……first, Dan and I sat in the backyard and cried together.  Dan cried, “Daddy, daddy, daddy.”  But unfortunately, there was no daddy around.

My mind ran through all my options.  Finally I decided the quickest fix, perhaps not the easiest, was to simply break in.  I might have locked the door, but I knew of a window that I had left cracked (the weather was nice this morning).

…..yep.  That was my plan, fit myself through a SMALL window, 8 months pregnant, and this part of the house is slightly elevated.  It’s a first floor window, but it’s a high one, as in over my head.


Daniel and I went into the storage room, and of course, the ladder was in the very back corner of the very full storage room.


And of course, storage rooms freak me out, as you never know what wildlife may be lurking in there!


It took me about 5 minutes to very carefully climb into the window.  There was a lot at stake, so I knew I could not misstep and hurt myself, the baby, and possibly even Daniel.


I actually fit into that window more easily than I expected to, but there was a moment where I was afraid the ladder would fall over, and there I was with one leg in the window and one leg out…  When you’re 8 months pregnant, you don’t climb into a window belly down.  

 You have to go legs first, belly up.

Daniel was cool as a cucumber about that part, watching me climb into the window.  I had explained to him that I’d go around to the side door and let him in too.

You can’t imagine how excited I was when it actually worked!!  I heaved myself through that window, jumped onto the floor, ran to the side door, and there was Dan, waiting for me.

Please no email or phone call lectures about how dangerous I am.  All turned out fine.

Anyway, it may not sound like much, but to Daniel and me it was quite the victory, a serious adrenaline rush, and I won’t soon forget it, let me tell ya!

Finally inside my house, I took care of Daniel’s needs, rested a bit, and headed out the door to my fitness class.

I was dragging a little at my class this morning, but I still put in enough effort to get a good sweat in.

Daniel pooped in his pants during the class, so I took care of that…..

I came home feeling like finally sitting down, so I served lunch to Daniel and me.  Daniel finished quickly and moved on to the dining room table to color.  Lulled into a false sense of security, I leisurely enjoyed my oatmeal.  Now you probably think you know where this is going, but hang with me.

I finished my food, and proceeded to the dining room to take my sweet toddler and lay him down for a nap.  (Then I would be “free at last”).

What I saw instead was Daniel, happily pouring an entire, very full, bottle of syrup all over the dining room table…..

hilarious story of pregnant lady climbing through window

How could that face ever cause anyone a problem!?

I’ll spare you the details, but an hour and twenty minutes later, and all people here having showered, I am finally sitting down.


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